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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Experimental Art Gallery & Studio, Salem, MA introduces Paul Walcott, guest artist for August. Opening Reception-Saturday August 11, 2007, 4-6pm.

Paul Walcott ‘Digressions’

Boston based artist Paul Walcott received his BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art in 1986. Originally a painting major, Paul was encouraged to switch to sculpture because his paintings were 'too' 3 dimensional. Paul began sculpting in wood, using chair parts and other found objects, eventually transitioning into metal, utilizing welding and forming to sculpt. Occasionally having to paint the metal out of necessity, he began incorporating color back into his work, liking the way “paint and metal meld together.” More recently, he began scratching the painted surfaces, and, rekindling his love for color, decided to use the metal as his canvas; coming full circle to his painting origins.

‘Digressions‘ showcases Paul's recent explorations in paint and color on metal, and also includes glimpses of his sculptural work, which incorporate his love of found objects.

“My work as an artist has been primarily expressed in the three dimensional, sculptural realm. However, throughout my career, I have also occasionally
"digressed" from this world of three dimensions, and my eye has felt the need to flatten, and in a sense, contain on a single plane, my myriad impressions of senses and feelings. The "paintings" shown here were born in this process. Flat pieces of scrap steel from the sculpture studio floor seemed a logical material for me to paint on. The use of non-traditional materials is often part of my process, and the steel was simply what was at hand. And hand and eye come closer to one and allow my vision to take form, transcending the materials. The impetus for my "vision" can originate from anywhere...a fleeting glimpse of a feeling from the color of an old stone wall. A memory of a distant thought preserved in a reflection of light. Points of view stripped to their essence with the stroke of a brush.”

Paul Walcott’s gallery, PVM Designs, is located at 450 Harrison Ave in the South End.

Experimental Art Gallery & Studio is located in downtown Salem, in Artist Row, at 24 New Derby Street, #4, at the corner of Front St. Hours are Thursday, 10am-8pm and Friday-Sunday, 10am-6pm, and by appointment. Parking is available in Klop Alley, directly adjacent to Artist Row. The gallery is a 5-minute walk from the Salem Commuter Line.

For more information, please contact elise mankes at or call 781.439.1540

BARBARA KRAKOW GALLERY - September 8 - October 17, 2007

Four Forms
September 8 - October 17, 2007

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5:30

Barbara Krakow Gallery opens its 2007-2008 season with a show of works by Fred Sandback. "Four Forms" presents works that focus on four forms that Sandback explored over the course of his career. Encompassing sculptures made of yarn, a relief of painted wood, drawings and prints, the exhibition will explore Sandback's exploration of "progress".

There isn't any program in my work.
No going from worse to better or simpler to more complicated.
On the other hand it's always different.
So instead of saying I've made something new, I'll say I've made something more"
Fred Sandback, ca. early 1970's

The entire show will be viewable on our website ( In the meantime, if you need any further images or information, please contact the gallery via email ( or by phone (617 262 4490).

Fred Sandback (1943-2003)
Untitled (Sculptural Study, Three-part Wall Construction), ca. 1985/2007
acylic yarn on wall
wall dimensions are 95 1/2 inches tall by 122 inches wide


Call for new Commissioners for the Brookline Commission for the Arts.

Are you interested in the artistic vibrancy of the Brookline community? Then consider becoming a Commissioner with the Brookline Commission for the Arts (BCA)

Each year, the BCA directs grants to artists and organizations serving our community. For more information, please contact Linda Pilgrim at 617-730-2135 or email

Linda K Pilgrim

Administrator, Brookline Commission for the Arts

BCA Tel 617.730.2135

Monday, July 30, 2007

HOME MOVIE DAY - August 4-18, 2007

What is Home Movie Day?

Home Movie Day celebrates amateur film by getting people to bring their films (or someone else's) on super 8, 8mm, and 16mm to be screened. We inspect the film for damage ahead of time, then project the film. Sometimes there's commentary, usually there is home film preservation discussion, sometimes there's music, always there is fun.

If you'd like to come this year, with or without films, you have 3 chances.

HMD BOSTON / CAMBRIDGE: Saturday August 11 noon-4 (film check-in at 11am) at the Harvard Film Archive , Carpenter Center room B04, 25 Quincy Street Cambridge. Harvard Square. That's the LeCorbusier building, in the basement.

for those of you on the north shore:

HMD BEVERLY: Saturday August 18 time tba at the Beverly Public Library.

for the more southernly / Rhode Island types:

HMD PROVIDENCE, RI: Saturday August 4, 1-4pm, film check-in at noon

All events are free and you get to watch films you'd never get to see all at once anywhere else.

We've been doing this for 5 years, and have shown films from the 1920s, the 21st century, and everything inbetween. Faves have included an amateur film from the 1930s about Tarzan, a perfect childhood in the 1950s, a found film of China in the 1920s, people throwing up on a boat excursion, and teenagers doing drugs in Boston in the 1970s. It's not all birthday parties and weddings, although those are nice too.

This year will be the premiere of a few of my films, including the RIP Kodachrome short and the much anticipated Pigeons at Copley film.

Hope to see you at one or more events!

Apologies to those of you who got this twice, but that's what happens when you have a million email addresses.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Call for Local Artisans to Participate in 36th Annual

Sign of the Dove Holiday Store!
Sign of the Dove Holiday Artisans Cooperative -- Cambridge/Somerville

The Sign of the Dove Holiday store will jury for new members on Saturday, September 15th. The store itself operates in the peak holiday gift-buying season of November and December.

Our current membership includes local potters, painters, jewelers, printmakers, knitters, quilters, fiber artists, glass makers, photographers, leather workers, fine artists and more. Each year we hold a jury to recruit new members making high-quality work from various media.

Now a local holiday tradition, 2007 will be the 36th year that 50-60 local artists will come together to profitably sell our work in a retail storefront in Cambridge or Somerville. As the store is a cooperative run entirely by our members, each artist contributes time to both setting up and operating the store (this represents an approx. 55 hour time commitment). Each artist pays a one-time refundable $250 membership fee and each season pays a percentage of his/her sales toward the store's operating expenses (usually 20%-25%).

This is an excellent opportunity for local artists to market their work among a vibrant community of artists and repeat buyers.

If you are interested in applying, pleas e come to our jury.

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
The Morse School
30 Granite Street
Cambridge, MA

Drop off work: 9:30 a.m.
Pick up: 11:30 a.m.

Work is juried by examples of actual work only (not photos or slides).

What to Bring:

1. 5 to 10 examples of work you plan to sell
2. business size SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope)
3. $15 application fee

Please e-mail Ann Brody at or Judy Kanigel at in advance if you are unable to drop off your work at this time and we will try to make alternate arrangements for you. If you have any questions about the application process or the store, please e-mail Ann Brody at

Application forms, directions to the Morse School and more information are available at

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Finally performing in the Boston area:

*p a s s i o*

Taylor House B&B in Jamaica Plain

Sunday, July 29, at 4 p.m.

For details, visit:

and click "Music and Art".

To hear samples of our gorgeous sound, visit:

Monday, July 23, 2007


Sept 20 9PM Squawk Coffeehouse 1555 Mass. Ave. Harvard Eppworth Church Cambridge (just outside Harvard Sq.) Poet Doug Holder, founder of Somerville's Independent small press and literary magazine "Ibbetson Street" will be reading from two new poetry collections." Of All the Meals I Had Before" ( that has poems about such local eateries as the Au Bon Pain, the old Wursthaus, Market Basket, Hong Kong, Sherman Cafe, Savenor's and more. The other "No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain" ( was composed at Au Bon Pain's in both Central Square, Cambridge, and Davis Square, Somerville. Both collections are archived at the Harvard Poetry Room, and were published by Somerville small presses. Squawk offers music, open mike, $4 donation if you got it! Call 617-628-2313 for more info.

Doug Holder


Island Alliance, a non-profit in support of the Boston Harbor Islands; the Berwick Research Institute, a non-profit providing alternative programming and exhibition space for artists who work outside the commercial world; and Studio Soto, an artist performance/screening/exhibit space in Fort Point, invite you to participate in an Artist Encampment on Bumpkin Island in Boston Harbor. This Labor Day weekend, September 1-3, eight artists will have the opportunity to become temporary Homesteaders on the island, where we will be awarding eight plots of prime, arable
land. Additional artists will be selected to create installations throughout the island. This project is a try-out for an event of longer duration that we’d like to
plan for next year.

Projects will:

- Only include what you can carry, including everything you need to sleep, eat, drink, etc. Everything brought on the island must also leave with you on the last ferry at 3:45 pm on Monday.

- Utilize the resources/elements available on the island. For instance, you cannot cut down a tree, but you can collect and use fallen branches. Rocks on the shore, shells, seaweed, and washed up debris are all fair game. Everything you find and use on the island will stay on the island at the end of the project. Installations not in the tent sites that are made exclusively from found materials may remain intact on the island. Installations may not be created below the high tide line because they might present a hazard to boats coming close to shore at high tide.
- Be open to interacting with the public during the process of creating the work.

Background on Homesteaders:

In 1862, the United States recruited civilians to aid in its movement west. The Homestead Act offered any U.S. citizen or head of household, including people of color and women, free or low-cost 160-acre plots of land. In return, "homesteaders" promised to build a 12' x 14' house, cultivate and "improve" the land and live on the plot for five years. The project resulted in the creation of over 372,000 farms west of the Mississippi, continuing as late as 1976--when the Homestead Act was officially dissolved.

The Homesteaders on Bumpkin Island this Labor Day Weekend will:

* Build some kind of “home” on their plot of land.
* Live on the land for at least two days with his/her “family”
* Improve” the land in some way.

About Bumpkin Island:

Bumpkin was used by Native American Indians prior to European contact. During the colonial period, the island was leased to tenant farmers. The island hosted a fish-drying operation in the early nineteenth century and a fish smelting operation in the early twentieth century. In 1900, a Boston philanthropist named Clarence Burrage founded a hospital for children with physical disabilities. During World War I the island was taken over for use as a United States Naval training camp, which was dismantled after the war. The hospital reopened briefly in about 1940 for polio patients but closed during World War II and burned in 1945. Today, the physical landscape of the island has been reclaimed by plants - about half are non-native species, including various fruits and berries, shrubs, vines, field plants and trees. Wildflowers grow along the trails that lead visitors to the remains of the children's hospital and a stone farmhouse. The island is 35-acres with slate and shell beaches and open fields.

Deadline for proposals: August 7
You will be notified by August 17

If selected, artists will arrive to claim their free campsites on the island beginning at 12:00 PM on Saturday, September 1. Take a ferry from Long Wharf to Georges Island and then take the Southern Loop Inter-Island shuttle to Bumpkin. Fares is $12. See

for schedules.

To apply:

For those interested in homesteading, send a one-paragraph description of how you would "improve" your land, and why. For those interested in creating an installation elsewhere on the island, describe your idea and/or your interest in creating art on the island.

Send to:
Land Office
408 Atlantic Ave, Suite 228
Boston, MA 02110-3349

Be sure you include your name and contact information.

We encourage you to:

- Work with other artist sites, collaborate, pool resources, etc.
- Make your work interactive in some way
- Consider a broad audience; visitors will be a combination of artists, hikers and families just randomly visiting or camping on the island that day/weekend

Contact us with any questions:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mort Sahl Performs at JTOB - August 23-26, 2007

"Mort Sahl Saves The World"

A rare Boston area performance by one of the great legends of comedy, in celebration of his 80th birthday.

In late June of 2007, Jay Leno, Woody Allen, Jonathan Winters, Bill Maher, Albert Brooks, and Richard Lewis were among the lengthy roster of comedians who honored this icon of comedy at a special tribute show at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles. The celebration of legend Mort Sahl continues on the East Coast with this very special appearance by one of the true greats of comedy.


Thursday, August 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, August 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, August 26 at 3:00 p.m. (matinee)

4 Shows Only!


Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater

255 Elm Street, Davis Square, Somerville, Mass. 02144

- on the Red Line T -

The theater is wheelchair accessible.



Reserved Cabaret Table seating available for $40 (subject to availability).

To order: 1-866-811-4111 or

Discounts: Groups of 10 or more 10-20% off

Advance tickets strongly encouraged!

Theater Info: (617) 591-1616 or


When you are universally regarded as an American original, there are bound to be a lot of “firsts.”

- Lauded for his fearless brand of political satire and incisive view of the human condition, Mort Sahl was the first humorist on the cover of Time magazine (in 1960).

- Mort has also graced the covers of The New Yorker, Life, Look and Playboy, to name a few. You can also read about him in the August '07 issue of Vanity Fair.

- He was the first performer to make a comedy album and Mort Sahl was the first non-musician to win a Grammy.

- He was the subject of a ninety-minute PBS American Masters Biography; which placed him in the elite company of Neil Simon, Louis Armstrong, and Danny Kaye.

- Mort also hosted the Academy Awards and hosted the 1st Playboy Jazz Festival; performing for 68,000 paid attendees and has appeared on Broadway (5) times.

- He has been under contract at every major television network and was the first to pioneer live comedy on college campuses; logging some 500 venues in two years.

- As a writer, Mort is credited with 18 screenplays.

- He is also in demand as a political scribe; writing numerous speeches for former Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and having worked on the campaign of Bill Bradley. Cornered at a recent political fund-raiser, people kept asking Mort to check out the Democrats by saying, ‘Gephart, he’s just like Kennedy,’ ‘Gore, he’s just like Kennedy,’ Finally in exasperation Mort turned to a waiter and asked, ‘Is there anyone in the Democratic Party who isn’t like Kennedy?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, Ted Kennedy.”

- Not surprisingly, his autobiography, Heartland, was a worldwide bestseller.

Today, Mort is just as funny and active as ever. In fact, Mort holds attendance records at every major venue he’s worked. While some so-called political satirists scratch the surface in an attempt to escape the truth, Mort’s style is to confront the awful truth and make it funny. Consistently sold out theaters and private events confirm Mort’s approach is right on target.

More info available at


Washington street art center's call for films by local film markers for our monthly film series. This series would include a showing of the film and then an artist talk after. It is great opportunity to get feed back and show your film in unique gallery setting. We are working on the fall schedule now,

Please submit your films or trailers by August 10, 2007

You can email a link to your website by emailing

Or send a DVD to

WSAC local filmmaker series

Attn: Vanessa Thompson

321 Washington st

Somerville ma 02143

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Date: Monday, July 30
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Meeting Place: Water Purification Facility
Front Door
250 Fresh Pond Parkway

Chip Norton, Watershed Manager for the Cambridge Water Department, will give a tour of Fresh Pond Reservation’s Northeast Sector, where an enormous amount of planting has been done this spring. He will answer your questions, and use maps and diagrams to help illustrate the goals for this major restoration project. This two-mile walk will be on paved roads and unpaved paths.

Please register to receive important information on parking. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at: or call (617) 349-4793 and leave your name and phone number.

These events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Offered by Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation:

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Date: Monday, July 16
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Meeting Place: Maynard Ecology Center
Basement of Neville Place
650 Concord Avenue

Don’t miss this opportunity to get together with members of the Friends group and enjoy a good meal. After we eat we will talk about what we have been doing this year, including several exciting new programs. We will also brainstorm about what we would like to do in the future. Newcomers are welcome. Bring a favorite dish and we will provide tables, drinks and dinnerware. If it rains we will meet indoors. RSVP.

Please register to receive important information on parking. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at: or call (617) 349-4793 and leave your name and phone number.

These events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Offered by Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation:

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The Somerville Arts Council needs volunteers on Saturday, July 21st, for ArtBeat, Somerville's premier outdoor arts festival in Davis Square. We need volunteers to roam the festival selling dog tags, work as informational greeters at our tables, and help out with set up and breakdown.

All volunteers are expected to work a three hour shift and will get a dog tag, t-shirt, and meal coupon.

If interested, please contact Lauren Leeman, 617-625-6600 x2985,


WILDFLOWER IDENTIFICATION using Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide

Date: Saturday, July 14
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Meeting Place: Water Purification Facility
Front Door
250 Fresh Pond Parkway

If you find yourself wondering what the flowers are that you see as you walk around the Pond, this program may be just right for you! We will demonstrate the use
of Newcomb’s, a wildflower guide that really works, then identify some beautiful specimens in the nearby Water Department bio-swale. We have Newcomb’s guides and lenses, to lend, or you can bring your own.

Please register to receive important information on parking. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at: or call (617) 349-4793 and leave your name and phone number.

These events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Offered by Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation:



* STARTS THIS WEEK! July 12 thru July 28: "Jimmy Tingle for President"
* Coming soon: "Jesus: The Guantanamo Years"
* August 17 thru August 19: "ColorStruck: Boston's 8th Annual Women of Color in Comedy"
* August 23 thru 26: "Mort Sahl Saves The World"
* August 30 thru September 30: "Jim Morris and the Presidential Follies of 2008"

Thank you to the Improper Bostonian! Jimmy Tingle just voted "Boston's Best Activist with a Funny Bone!"
"Jimmy Tingle for President": Tingle’s timely one-man show invites you to consider just how the world might be a little different if this master of social and political humor ran the country. In true Tingle form, his new work employs the gift of humor as an alternative way to look at policy, and for Tingle to make a few points of his own about the state of our nation. Be the very first to check out these very special preview shows before Tingle brings the show to Edinburgh, Scotland, at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it will run for the entire month of August. New dates and times! Thursday, July 12 at 7:30 PM; Friday, July 13, at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM; Saturday, July 14 at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM; and continuing thru July 28.

"Jesus: The Guantanamo Years": This show has been postponed. Tentative opening: July 19. Performances to take place Thursdays thru Sundays at 7:30 PM thru August 12. Starring Abie Philbin Bowman. The award-winning controversial comedy hit makes its U.S. premiere! Direct from the West End in London, following SOLD OUT performances in Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Edinburgh. Jesus Christ (the original stand-up comedian) returns to earth for His long-awaited comeback tour. But He doesn't get past U.S. immigration, because He's a bearded, Middle-Eastern guy, prepared to die as a religious martyr. The Dublin-based comedian Abie Philbin Bowman took the '06 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm. Reserved seating available.

"ColorStruck: Boston's 8th Annual Women of Color in Comedy": They’re baaaack! After two successful performances in last year’s Boston Comedy Festival, the ladies anointed by the Boston Globe as "Frank, Funny and Fabulous," return to Davis Square for their annual three-night run at Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater. Join these sizzling, sassy comediennes from Boston and beyond for stand-up, sketch and some side-splitting humor. August 17 thru 19. For lineups and more information, click here. Reserved seating available.

"Mort Sahl Saves The World": The legendary political satirist Mort Sahl returns to Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater for 4 shows only, August 23 - 26! A rare Boston area performance. On June 28 of 2007, Jay Leno, Paula Poundstone, and Jonathan Winters were among the scheduled roster of comedians who honored this icon of comedy at a special tribute show at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles. The celebration of Mort Sahl and his 80th birthday continues on the East Coast - with this very special appearance by one of the true greats of comedy. JTOB is honored to present this pioneer. Reserved seating available.

"Jim Morris and the Presidential Follies of 2008": Called by the New Yorker Magazine "the country’s leading political impressionist" Jim Morris creates a hilarious living political cartoon in his one man show the "Presidential Follies of 2008". Jim takes on the administration and the candidates as the real West Wing springs to comedic life. George W. Bush wrestles with the presidency while the contenders, freshly etched by Jim, audition for the lead role in the next edition of America ’s political funnies. Fresh, sharp, funny, clever, always topical, Jim has been acclaimed a classic political comedian. August 30 thru September 30. Reserved seating available.

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Participation Learning Network Request for Proposals

The Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Cultural Council in partnership with the Wallace Foundation are pleased to announce a request for proposals (RFP) for the Participation Learning Network: An Initiative to Engage More People in the Arts.

For details and an application

The RFP will also be available at the Boston Foundation website

Please visit for additional information.

Applications are due by Friday, July 27, 2007 at 5:00 PM.

The Participation Learning Network request for proposals was released at the Communicating the Value and Benefits of Arts Participation forum held at the Boston Foundation yesterday, June 27, 2007. In case you missed yesterday's event, a recording of the forum will soon be released on the WGBH Forum Network website. Please look for the video at to listen to keynote speaker Alan Brown's presentation and the panelists' comments.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FILMS BY FEMALE DIRECTORS SERIES - July 12 - August 16, 2007

Women in Film & Video New England (WIFV/NE) presents its outdoor summer screening series GARDEN SHORTS, a selection of short films by female directors held at the Somerville Growing Center. The first program, on Thursday July 12th will feature films by Patricia Rozema, Lana Z. Caplan, Jennifer Matotek, Carly Short, and C.C. Webster.

Canadian director Rozema's first feature length film, I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, won the Prix de la Jeunesse at Director's Fortnight in Cannes in 1988. Her other long form projects include the 1999 Miramax film Mansfield Park. WIFV/NE will present her 2005 short Suspect. Multimedia artist Caplan's experimental films have screened in local galleries and her latest, Half Light, will be presented, with the filmmaker in attendance. Back by popular demand is Matotek, whose short film Cats & Pants was a crowd pleaser last year. The series will also introduce several promising young filmmakers. Carly Short, a recent graduate of Mass College Art, will do an audience Q&A after screening her documentary Come On Baby Remember, which explores the relationship between memory and imagery. C.C. Webster's short film Civil War is currently playing the festival circuit, with a stop at the Cambridge Film Festival in the U.K. also in July.

The August program, scheduled for Thursday, August 16th, will include films by acclaimed animator Karen Aqua, nationally recognized photographer Marnie Crawford Samuelson, Emerson College student Nicole Prowell, and writer and director Patricia Rozema.

Screenings are free, open to the public, and will begin just after dusk. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner. The July rain date is July 19th. Ben & Jerry's and Avanti Media ( have generously donated ice cream and projection equipment for the series. Continuing its benevolent sponsorship this year is the Growing Center, located at 22 Vinal Avenue, just outside of Union Square, in Somerville. For directions, call 617-666-2969 or visit

Monday, July 02, 2007


First Friday Open Studios this Friday, July 6th, from 5-9 pm., at 450 Harrison Ave., Studio 227, Boston, MA.

To all of you who stopped by for First Friday in June, many thanks; I really enjoyed visiting with you! If you would consider forwarding this email to other friends or colleagues who would be interested, I would greatly appreciate it. If you received this email from a friend, and would like to subscribe to these monthly announcements, please send an email to the address below.

This month, in addition to new prints from my personal collection, I will continue to feature newly restored photographs of early 20th century China from the archive of my Grandfather, William Leete. Finally, I will have new examples of client work, both photography and Fine-Art reproductions.

As always on First Fridays, the building's 15 galleries and more than 50 artists' studios will be open. This Friday, if you want to avoid the early evening crush in the galleries, come upstairs to the studios first, and visit the galleries on your way out!

There is off street parking at 500 Harrison Avenue as well as on street parking. The MBTA Silver Line stop is East Berkeley, just one block away.

See you this Friday!

Bill Morse

Wm. Morse Editions
A Fine-Art Printmaking Studio
450 Harrison Avenue, Studio 227
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 429-3298

Click HERE to view the Premium Art Deadlines List.

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