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Friday, January 29, 2010


This is a Call to Artists for their collaborative juried exhibition project, Exchange, to be mounted simultaneously in each art center in the Fall of 2010. Designed to unite diverse communities of artists and audiences, Exchange encourages visual artists working in innumerable mediums to approach the concept of Exchange in just as many ways. Open to artists at any stage of their career. Applicants may submit images of actual work or images representative of work yet to be made, along with a detailed plan for proposed work. Entry fee.

Full Guidelines:

Elizabeth A Beland
Essex Art Center
56 Island St
Lawrence MA 01840


MIT List Visual Arts Center presents

MIT List Visual Arts Center presents Virtuoso Illusion: Cross-Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde

Guest Curator: Michael Rush
February 5-April 10, 2010
Hayden, Reference, Bakalar Galleries
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 4, 6-8PM
Reception preceded by a conversation with artists Michelle Handelman and John Kelly moderated by curator Michael Rush

5:30PM, Bartos Theatre
Cambridge, MA-January 2010. The MIT List Visual Arts Center presents Virtuoso Illusion: Cross-Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde. This group exhibition, organized by guest curator Michael Rush, explores what has traditionally been called cross-dressing (drag) as a tactic for media artists that has been central to the development of the current avant-garde. The show explores how experimental art has been invigorated and advanced by artists who cross dress for many different reasons as part of their conceptual process. It is not intended as a specific exploration of identity issues but is a deeper look at the current and historical strategies of cross-dressing as an art of the irrational, the unexpected. For several artists working today, cross-dressing is not even an apt term. For video artist Ryan Trecartin, for example, gender appearances are just that, appearances. In his dizzyingly fast- paced videos, sexual leaps are one part of a multitasking language system that communicates multiple perspectives about his characters’ lives. For performance artist John Kelly, drag (a term he does use) is a theatrical tool applied to a character like any other tool he might use in a non-drag performance. In Michelle Handelman’s work, lesbians, drag queens, and women playing men playing women, create a post-gender scenario not so different from many second-life
experiments on the web. Cross-dressing has a storied history in the development of post Dada art. For Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, the transgressive act of dressing as a woman was a strategy that was intended to both shock the bourgeoisie and inflate the sexually intense agendas of the Surrealists whose mostly male cohort felt some threat from an emerging feminism in 1920s Paris. Less attended to until recently were the artfully ambiguous photos of Claude Cahun whose multi-gendered self portraits were as subversive as anything concocted by Duchamp and Ray. In mid 20th century, Pierre Molinier advanced the wildly varied sexual identities of the Surrealists with his photo montages and self-portraits. As sexual representations became increasingly liberated in the 1960s with artists like Jack Smith, Kenneth
Anger, Andy Warhol, and a host of others, cross-dressing became
a hallmark of both gay liberation and the subversive intents of the avant-garde. In most major historical
advancements of experimental art, cross- dressing has been present as a strategy that has expanded the
possibilities of the perception-bending intentions of artists (as opposed to merely gender-bending).
In the same way that Bruce Nauman’s Spinning Spheres (1970), Peter Campus’s aen (1977), or Michael
Snow’s Wavelength (1977) upended viewers’ visual perceptions and re-defined relationships between the
moving image and the body, so too, do videos such as Ryan Trecartin’s K-Corea INC. K (Section A) (2009),
Kalup Linzy’s KK Queens Survey (2005), and Katarzyna Kozyra’s Men’s Bathhouse, (1999) subvert viewers’
expectations of narrative through the wonder and estrangement of the creators’ use of cross-dressing. In their
virtuosic performances (and, in Trecartin’s case, digital manipulations), these artists train the eye anew,
exposing viewers to radical information that can shock, exhilarate, and transform.
What links the artists Virtuoso Illusion: Cross-Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde is not what their
“costuming” has taught us about the changing roles of men and women, but what their incorporation of cross-
dressing has enabled in their wildly diverse artistic experiments. The phenomenon of cross-dressing can be
seen as a strategy in art that, intentionally or not, continues to provide a wonderful, not to say extravagant, new
vigor to media art. Some of the most widely acclaimed video art currently being produced is structured around
cross-dressing. The virtuosity of the performances in these artworks is also intimately connected to the practice
of cross-dressing. As filmmaker Jack Smith so memorably noted, “It’s not the actor who brings the costume to
life, but the costume which brings the actor to life.”
The exhibition will feature videos, installations, photographs, and performances. In conjunction with the
exhibition a 64 page catalogue has been produced. The catalogue features essays by Michael Rush, John
Kelly, and Ara Merjian and color and black-and-white reproductions of key works. Artists include Charles
Atlas, Matthew Barney, Claude Cahun, Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn, Marcel Duchamp, Michelle
Handelman, John Kelly, Katarzyna Kozyra, Kalup Linzy, Ma Liuming, Manon, Pierre Molinier, Yasumasa
Morimura, Brian O’Doherty, Ryan Trecartin, and Andy Warhol
About the artists:
Charles Atlas
Born in St. Louis, 1958. Lives in Paris, France, and New York, NY.
Charles Atlas was a pioneer in the development of media-dance, a genre in which original performance work is
created directly for the camera. He has directed more than eighty films and videotapes and worked as a
filmmaker-in-residence with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company for ten years. His own videos have
featured the indomitable performance artist Leigh Bowery (1961-1994), who was also Lucien Freud’s muse
and model. Atlas’s work, much of which has also chronicled the downtown New York performance scene, has
been exhibited at The Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan
Museum of Art, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; World Wide Video Festival, The
Hague, The Netherlands; and The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Page 3
Matthew Barney
Born in San Francisco, CA, 1967. Lives in New York, NY.
Matthew Barney has worked in several media since the early 1990s after graduating from Yale. In 1991, The
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the first museum to exhibit and acquire Barney's work, including his
first major installation Transexualis (1991), which includes a walk-in cooler, decline bench, and videos Delay of
the Game and Anal Sadistic Warrior. Barney became best known for his work, The Cremaster Cycle (1994-
2002), a series of five feature-length films featuring elaborate performances, sets, and displays in a multi-
faceted exploration of male sexuality and personal mythologies. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
organized The Cremaster Cycle, an exhibition of the entire cycle, that premiered at The Museum Ludwig in
Cologne, Germany, in June 2002, and subsequently traveled to The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
in Paris, France, and The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, NY.
Claude Cahun
Born in Nantes, France, 1894. Died in St. Helier, Jersey, 1954.
Claude Cahun was a photographer, writer, and political activist. Born as Lucy Schwob, she began
photographing herself at the age of eighteen and adopted the androgynous name Claude Cahun six years
later while becoming an active member of the Parisian Surrealist movement along with her stepsister and
lifelong partner, Suzanne Malherbe. Cahun exhibited work at the London International Surrealist Exhibition at
the New Burlington Gallery and Exposition Surréaliste d'Objets at the Charles Ratton Gallery, Paris (both in
1936) before settling in Jersey with Malherbe. As anti-war activists, the two began producing and distributing
anti-German fliers and were arrested by the Germans and sentenced to death, but were freed on May 8, 1945.
Recent exhibitions of her work have included Mise en Scene at The Institute of Contemporary Art, London,
U.K. (1994); Surrealism: Desire Unbound at The Tate Modern, London, U.K. (2001); and Don't Kiss Me-
Disruptions of the Self in the Work of Claude Cahun at Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada (1998). Cahun's collected writings were published in 2002 as Claude Cahun-Écrits, edited
by François Leperlier.
Harry Doge and Stanya Kahn
Born in San Francisco, CA (Dodge, 1966; Kahn, 1968). Live in Los Angeles, CA.
Harriet Dodge and Stanya Kahn began collaborating in 2001 after they each received their MFAs from the
Milton Avery Graduate School, Bard College. Their significant body of video work has explored urban decay
and the struggles of individuals (especially in the guise of a solitary woman) in the midst of an uncaring city.
Their work All Together Now was exhibited in the 2008 Whitney Biennial; and they have recently exhibited in
group shows including Mutual: on Collaboration at Samson Projects in Boston, MA (2009), and the New
Feminist Video exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum of Art in Brooklyn, NY.
Marcel Duchamp, born as Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp
Born in Blaineville, Normandy, France, 1887. Died in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1968.
Marcel Duchamp is considered one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. A leading figure of
both the Dada and Surrealist movements and often credited with being the grandfather of conceptualism, his
first major notoriety came from his painting Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 (1912), which made a
sensation at the Armory Show in New York in 1913. He thereafter largely abandoned painting and began
working with objects that he called "readymades.” Duchamp’s female alter ego Rrose Sélavy became an
important part of his persona and legacy as a precursor to later movements of conceptual and performance art
during the second half of the 20
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Michelle Handelman
Born in Chicago, IL, 1960. Lives in New York, NY.
Michelle Handelman is a multimedia artist and filmmaker known for her colorful and physically exacting
performance videos which often feature herself in a central role. Her 1996 documentary film, Blood Sisters,
which was an intimate look into the San Francisco lesbian leather community, continues to be screened
worldwide. Handelman's four-screen video installation Dorian, a feminist retelling of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture
of Dorian Gray, premiered at Participant, Inc. in New York in 2009. Handelman’s work has been exhibited and
screened globally at venues such as The Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, France; The Institute of
Contemporary Art, London, U.K.; and The American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA.
John Kelly
Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, 1954. Lives in New York, NY.
John Kelly is a performance artist, dancer, actor, and musician who began his career as part of New York’s
East Village club scene during the 1980s. His original dance theater performances, including full-length multi-
media shows based on the lives of Egon Schiele and Barbette performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music,
have been widely praised. He is also recognized as the creator of Paved Paradise Redux: The Songs of Joni
Mitchell. Kelly has created over thirty performance works which have been presented at The Tate Modern,
London, U.K.; The Kitchen, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, The Drawing Center, Creative Time, Performance
Space 122, and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, NY; The Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA;
The Sundance Theatre Lab in Utah; and The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival in Brooklyn,
NY. He has appeared on Broadway in 2000 in James Joyce’s the Dead starring Christopher Walken, and in
numerous off Broadway productions.
Katarzyna Kozyra
Born in Warsaw, Poland, 1963. Lives in Warsaw, Poland, Trento, Italy, and Berlin, Germany.
Katarzyna Kozyra is known for her videos investigating human interaction and gendered notions of beauty and
sexuality. Her dual video installations, Bathhouse (1997) and the Men’s Bathhouse (1999) created a sensation.
She filmed herself and others surrepticiously in public bathhouses in Budapest, having undergone an elaborate
prosthetic transformation into a male for the second part. Kozyra received degrees from The Fine Arts
Academy in Warsaw (1993) and Warsaw University (1988) and completed postgraduate studies at Hochschule
für Graphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig in 1998. She has exhibited at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina
Sofia in Madrid, Spain; The Renaissance Society in Chicago, IL; Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw,
Poland; and The Brooklyn Museum of Art in Brooklyn, NY.
Kalup Linzy
Born in Clermont, Florida, 1977. Lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Kalup Linzy is a video and performance artist whose satiric soap operas send up traditional understandings of
race, male-female relations, maleness, the art world and a host of other issues. Linzy writes, directs, mostly
stars in, and does all the voices for his videos. Since receiving his MFA from the University of South Florida in
2003, his work has been included in the public collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Studio Museum
in Harlem, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, NY. Linzy has received a Louis Comfort
Tiffany Foundation grant (2005), a Guggenheim Fellowship (2007), a Creative Capital Grant (2008), and a
Jerome Foundation Grant (2008).
Page 5
Ma Liuming
Born in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China, 1969. Lives in Beijing, China.
Ma Liuming is known for his gender-bending performances in the nude, often performing as his self-created,
androgynous persona Fen-Ma Liuming and relying heavily on chance-engagements with his audience. He
received a degree in oil painting in 1991 from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts before becoming one of the
founders of Beijing's East Village district, a hotbed of experimental art and performance activities during the
early 1990s. He has held solo performances at Gallery Albert, Paris, France; Beijing Art Now Gallery and Top
Space, Tai Kang Life Building, Beijing, China; and Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China.
Born in Bern, Switzerland, 1946. Lives in Zürich, Switzerland
Manon is a Swiss performance artist known for her environments, photographic scenes, and various carefully
constructed female identities. Initially known only as a muse to her contemporaries involved in the Swiss
performance art scenes, Manon's work eventually came to prominence after her 1974 work Da Lachsfarbene
Boudoir (The Salmon-Colored Boudoir), an installation depicting a performative, hyper-feminized version of the
artist's bedroom. She has been performing and exhibiting widely since the 1970s. She received a critically
acclaimed retrospective in 2009 at The Swiss Institute in New York.
Pierre Molinier
Born in Agen, Lot-et-Garonne, France, 1900. Died in Bordeaux, Gironde, France, 1976.
Pierre Molinier is known for his photographs, photomontages, and self-portraits of highly stylized sexual
fantasies and fetishes, often of himself dressed as a woman. Molinier began painting landscapes during the
1920s, but moved towards erotic imagery by the 1950s. In 1955 he showed his work to Andre Breton, who
helped him exhibit in Paris at the gallery À l’Étoile Scellée and later in the International Surrealist Exhibition in
1959. Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, Molinier began cross-dressing and often made use of props and
prosthetics in his works. He committed suicide in 1976. Solo exhibitions since his death have included Pierre
Molinier: Fetish Performance Photographs, Collages, Photomontages at Ubu Gallery in New York (1996) and
Pierre Molinier: Original Gelatin Silver Prints from the 1950s to ‘70s at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York (2000).
Yasumasa Morimura
Born in Osaka, Japan, 1951. Lives in Osaka, Japan.
Yasumasa Morimura is a performance artist known for inserting himself into famous artworks, using a
combination of painting, sculpture, and photography. He has appropriated works from artists such as
Rembrandt, Van Gogh, de Goya, and Frida Kahlo. Morimura received degrees from the Kyoto City University
of Art and Columbia University. He has held solo exhibitions at Shugo Arts, Tokyo; Luhring Augustine, New
York; Japan Society, New York; and Galerie Thaddeaus Ropac, Paris.
Brian O’Doherty
Born in County Roscommon, Ireland, 1934. Lives in New York, NY, and Todi, Italy
Brian O'Doherty is an Irish conceptual artist, novelist, critic, medical doctor, photographer, and performance
artist who took on several identities of both genders as part of his life and work. After receiving degrees from
Trinity College and Cambridge Medical School, he first moved to Boston, then in 1961 to New York and began
working as a conceptual artist and art critic. His widely influential criticism and books on art were trailblazers in
art criticism, especially his Inside the White Cube: the Ideology of the Gallery Space. While still in Ireland,
Page 6
O’Doherty adopted the name Patrick Ireland in 1972 as a political response to the tragic events of Bloody
Sunday, vowing to not reclaim his birthname “until such time as the British military presence is removed from
Northern Ireland and all citizens are granted their civil rights.” In 2008, feeling that peace had returned to his
homeland, he “buried” Patrick Ireland in a performance at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, which
included the burial of a death mask. He often wrote criticism as his adopted persona “Mary Josephson” while
he was editor for Art in America in the early 1970s, not revealing this action until two decades later. O'Doherty
has exhibited at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY; the Brooklyn Museum, Brookyn, NY; La
Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA; the LA County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; and
Documenta 6, Kassel, Germany. He was given a full retrospective at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane,
Dublin, Ireland in 2006.
Ryan Trecartin
Born in Webster, Texas, 1981. Lives in Philadelphia, PA
Ryan Trecartin is known for his feature-length fantastical narrative videos in which he writes, directs, and stars.
He received his B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2004; his thesis project, the video A Family
Finds Entertainment was included in the 2006 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art. His work has
been presented at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA; the Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.; and The
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY. Trecartin also has a collaborative sculpture practice with
artist Lizzie Fitch. In 2009, he became the first recipient of the Wolgin Prize awarded by Tyler School of Art (at
Temple University) in Philadelphia, PA.
Andy Warhol, born as Andrew Warhola
Born in Pittsburgh, PA, 1928. Died in New York, NY, 1987.
Andy Warhol, along with Duchamp, is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20
Beginning as a fashion illustrator he later turned to painting, printmaking, and filmmaking. Before moving to
New York in 1949, he studied commercial art at the School of Fine Arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology
(now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, the city which now houses the Andy Warhol Museum. While
working as a commercial illustrator in New York, his first exhibition was in 1952 at the Hugo Gallery, where he
showed drawings inspired by Truman Capote’s writings. Warhol’s early paintings during the 1960s used
images derived from advertisements that became forever associated with his legacy as a leading figure in the
Pop Art movement. By 1963, he was using the silkscreen method to create images, using the technique to
make paintings of celebrities. Warhol’s first solo exhibition was at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, soon
followed by one at Stable Gallery in New York. He was a preeminent experimental filmmaker and tastemaker
throughout the 1970s and ‘80s. He remains the subject of numerous international exhibitions worldwide,
including Andy Warhol: Other Voices Other Rooms, organized by The Stedelijk Musem, Amsterdam and The
Moderna Museet, Stockholm in 2008.
About the Curator: Michael Rush is a museum director, award winning curator, and widely published author
and critic. He was director of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University from 2005-2009, and director of the
Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art from 2000-2004. In each of these posts the curatorial and public
programs were regularly covered by the New York Times, Artforum, and Art in America for their quality and
diversity. He is co-founder of the Contemporary Art Museum Directors Association. Among his numerous
books are Video Art (2004, fully revised 2
edition 2007), New Media in Art (2005), and New Media in Late
-Century Art (2001), all published by Thames and Hudson. Other books include monographs on artists
Marjetica Potrč, Günter Brus, Steve Miller, and Alexis Rockman. Since the early 1990s he has contributed
regularly to numerous publications including Art in America, Art on Paper, The New York Times, artext,
Page 7
Bookforum, and many others. His numerous award winning curatorial projects have ranged from international
exhibitions of video art to Surrealism and monographic exhibitions on artists, both modernist and
contemporary, including Hans Hofmann and Sue Williams. He has lectured on art and museum practice in
many parts of the world, including universities throughout the U.S., and centers in Great Britian, Korea, France,
Australia, among others. He received his bachelors and masters degrees from the Jesuit College of Arts and
Letters at St. Louis University and his doctorate from Harvard University
Support for Virtuoso Illusion: Cross-Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde has been provided by the Council for the
Arts at MIT and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Media Sponsor: Phoenix Media/Communications Group.
The MIT List Visual Arts Center is located in the Wiesner Building, 20 Ames St., at the eastern edge of the MIT
campus. It is in close proximity to Kendall Square, Memorial Drive, and the Longfellow Bridge.
By T, take the red line to the Kendall/MIT stop, follow Main St. west to Ames St., turn left, and walk one block
to the cross walk. The MIT List Visual Arts Center housed in a building identifiable by its white gridded exterior,
will be on your left. Signage is on the building.
By car, coming across the Longfellow Bridge or from Memorial Drive, follow signs for Kendall Square. Limited
metered parking is available on Ames Street. A parking garage is located at the Cambridge Center complex
(entrance on Ames between Main and Broadway) during business hours and on campus after business hours
and on weekends.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday: 12-6PM; Friday-Sunday: 12-6PM; Thursday: 12-8PM; Closed Mondays and Major Holidays.

Information: 617.253.4680 or

All exhibitions at the MIT List Visual Arts Center are free and open to the public. Wheelchair accessible. Accommodations are provided by request.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


(Massachusetts) - Award-winning artist Lennie Peterson brings his passion for the marriage of music and visual art to Harvard University with his exhibit Lines Walking.

This solo art exhibition, presented by Harvard University's Three Columns Gallery at The Mather House, will prominently feature Peterson's large composer portraits as part of an ongoing series that combine his lifelong devotion to art, music and arts education. The originals are hand-drawn with pen, ink and oil paint and stand six feet high by three feet wide.

The theme is inspired by one of Peterson’s influences, artist Paul Klee, who once said, “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”

"That speaks to me as a wonderful explanation for this improvisational style of line drawing. One line leads to another and another, allowing the pen and the line to 'walk' and ramble throughout the overall composition."

His exhibit pays tribute to the composers who have shaped the world around us through their music and will include portraits of Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and Thelonious Monk. Peterson's many other drawings and prints will also be displayed.

Peterson's artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States. His nationally syndicated daily comic strip "The Big Picture" has appeared in more than 100 newspapers and was published as a book collection by Andrews McMeel Publishing. In addition, Peterson has written and illustrated nearly a dozen books. He was a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston and was on the faculty of the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham, MA. His music credits include accomplishments as a composer, arranger, conductor, music consultant, and producer.

Lines Walking will debut on Wednesday, February 17th and will include an open reception from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. This reception is free and will be open to the public with music provided by Boston-based jazz pianist Tim Butterworth. The exhibit will run through Friday, April 16, 2010.

Three Columns Gallery at Harvard University's Mather House is located at 10 Cowperthwaite Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please visit for more details.

For additional information contact:

Lennie Peterson

(781) 738-1783

For high-resolution media photos, please visit:

Thank you,

Michelle Go


Phone: (630) 290-1549

Monday, January 11, 2010


Date: Sunday, January 24
Time: 5:30 to 8:00pm
Meeting Place: Maynard Ecology Center Basement of Neville Place

YOU are invited, to come to the eighth annual winter meeting of Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation! Enjoy good food, good company, and plenty of good news about Friends group activities in 2009. After the potluck supper we will briefly review what we have accomplished this past year, then share ideas for future programs and projects in a relaxed round table discussion. Newcomers are welcome. RSVP!

Events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Please register in advance for each event that you plan to attend. Important information on parking will be given to you when you register. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at:

For more information and to join the Friends group:

SOMATIC DEATH, SOMA LIFE - Jan 2010 - Mar 2010

Lumen Eclipse : Jan - March Showcase

Presented by Lumen Eclipse on two flat panel displays in Harvard Square from January 2009 to March 2009, and 24-hours a day on

Curated by Jameson Wallace, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sponsored by the Motion Graphics Festival.

At the moment of separation of the body from the brain, our ability to differentiate thought from prosthetic breaks down. Our body extends as far as our effect, far beyond our ability to see it happen. Both the threat and promise of virtualization is that its nature will have a form of dance more appropriate to us than what we now call "human."

Feature Artist:
+ Alan Sondheim,

Context Artists:
+ Jean-Paul Frenay (Belgium)
+ Shantell Martin (Japan)
+ Addictive TV (UK)
+ Three Legged Legs & N.A.S.A. (US)


Somatic Death, Soma Life


Artist Information:

Featured Artist: Alan Sondheim,

Alan Sondheim was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he lives with his partner, Azure Carter, in Brooklyn NY. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown University in English. A new-media artist, writer, musician, and theorist, he has exhibited, performed and lectured internationally.

Sondheim recently ended a solo installation and nine-month residency at the Odyssey exhibition space in the virtual world, Second Life. He has been involved in online avatar performance with Sandy Baldwin for live audiences in Paris, London, Basel, Portland OR, and Providence RI. Sondheim also collaborates with Myk Freedman, lap steel, and Azure Carter, with whom he is opening the season for Dance New Amsterdam in Manhattan this January.

Piece 1: Water Slope, Water Flow, Water Dance, Water Hands

Videography: Alan Sondheim, performer: Azure Carter
Deconstructed dancework from Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch
Mountains, UTAH, 2009

USA - 2009

Piece 2: Two Guys VEL

Created at the Virtual Environments Laboratory, West Virginia University, using altered motion capture equipment. Mocap performers: David Bello, Azure Carter, 2006

USA - 2006

Piece 3: Duet Avatar Grange

Videography: Alan Sondheim, performers: Foofwa d\'Imobilite, Maud Liardon

Human simulation of altered avatar motion capture performance, Alpine Grange in Switzerland, 2006

USA - 2006

Piece 4: noOne

Alan Sondheim: installation, performance, videography
Second life avatar dance/performance in active environment, created for the UMove dance film festival (one of six finalists/winners), 2009

USA - 2009

+ Jean-Paul Frenay,
Artificial Paradise

Artificial Paradise, Inc is an experimental film anticipating a future where a major corporation has developed an unique software, based on organic virtual reality, which holds all the lost memories of humankind. A user connects to this database of the forgotten…what is he searching for?

Production : Condor
Director / editor / compositing : Jean-Paul Frenay
Main 3D artist / compositing : Sandro Paoli
3D artists : Sylvain Jorget and Sébastien Desmet
Additional 3D operators : Otto Heinen and Okke Voerman
Sound Design : Seal Phüric feat. Neptunian8

Belgium - 2009

+ Shantell Martin,
Hidden Ora

I ask a person to stand in front of a large projector screen for four minutes each, while I capture their moving Hidden Ora. To do this I connect my computer to the projector, open up the drawing software, plug in my Wacom tablet, paint the background black, and then I’m ready to go.

Released on

USA - 2008

+ Addictive TV,
Sims 3 Remix

Following Addictive TV’s recent Hollywood movie remixes including Slumdog Millionaire, Fast & Furious and the blockbuster movie version of Max Payne, the hugely successful computer game; Electronic Arts, the world’s leading independent developer and publisher of video games, have asked the London based audiovisual artists to remix the much anticipated Sims 3 game for its June 2nd release.

USA - 2009

+ Three Legged Legs & N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A. created an album that, at its core, was about the merging of cultures and collaboration between different peoples. The ultimate goal was to have it be as much about the art it inspired as the music itself. With Three Legged Legs setting the video to the track, “Gifted”, one is taken on a journey through a Martian landscape and psychedelia, featuring Kanye West, Santigold and Lykke Li.

Record Label: Spectrophonic; Director and Post Production: Three Legged Legs; Production Company: Green Dot Films; Managing Director: Rick Fishbein; Executive Producers: Darren Foldes and Rich Pring; Post Production: Creative Directors: Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt and Reza Rasoli; Design and Animation: Mark Kulakoff, Dylan Spears and Michael Tavarez; Squeak E. Clean Productions Creative Director: Syd Garon; Squeak E. Clean Productions Executive Producer: Susan Applegate.

USA - 2009

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Cape Cod Sculptor Skip Treglia Interprets
Spirits of Land and Sea
at the Brookline Arts Center Gallery

(Brookline -- January 7, 2010) The Brookline Arts Center’s upcoming gallery exhibition – Spirits of Land and Sea by Skip Treglia – presents new sculptures made from metal and driftwood spit by the sea onto the Cape Cod shore. With echoes of abstract modernist rigor and the evocative worn surfaces of Surrealist sculpture, Treglia's work forms the chaos of ocean flotsam and driftwood into a surprisingly colorful body of work inspired by the sea and shore.

Spirits of Land and Sea will be on view in Brookline from January 25 to February 24, 2010. There will be a free Opening Reception on Saturday, January 23, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. The Brookline Arts Center is located at 86 Monmouth Street, at the corner of St. Mary’s Street; the exhibition is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Treglia says he leaves his artworks open to interpretation. He admits that they are somewhat mysterious to him: “I suppose they come out of the unconscious,” the artist suggests.

"There is an underlying theme to this work, which is our connectedness to nature," says Skip. "The materials I use have often traveled great distances, transported by the ocean, eroded and sculpted by the elements."

Skip Treglia was born in Boston and now lives in Marstons Mills: he studied at the New England School of Art. He has taught painting at the Falmouth Art Guild and won a gold medal from the Copley Society of Boston. Treglia's work has been featured in solo shows at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and the Waquoit Bay Estuary Center, as well as group exhibitions at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Cataumet Art Center and Barnstable Artists’ Show.

The center is easily reached by public transportation and is wheelchair accessible. Admission to the exhibition is free. For more information, visit www.brooklineartscenter or call 617-566-5715.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


(SALEM, MA - - January 4, 2010 ) - - Urban Elements Home and Gift Boutique located in downtown Salem, will host visual artist Sand T's latest mixed media artwork from January 11 to February 20. The public is cordially invited to a reception with the artist on Saturday, January 16, from 6-8pm.

Sand’s latest work is composed of her notorious dotted patterns formed by luminous and tactile resin droplets. Beneath the gloss lie the unyieldingly delicate graphite lines. The square clayboard supports are saturated with cheerful vivid colors such as chartreuse, orange and red.

Sand T has participated in numerous solo and group shows internationally and locally including: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and throughout The United States. Her works reside in public and private art collections world wide, and have recently been added to the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“I describe my work as non-objectional reductive art that deals with the elements of repetition, rhythm and structure.” Sand T says, “This body of work, at first look, appears to be rather simple. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out they are not quite simple, but what I term semi-simple.”

"I love the minimal nature of the work- its simplicity. They feel jewel-like and optimistic to me. The colors are so vibrant, and the different patterns of what look like water beads give them a very modern and clean edge." Kim Tenenbaum, owner of Urban Elements says about the work: "The term ‘less is more' is an excellent characterization of Sand T's non-objective work.”

The reductive, formalistic aesthetic embraced in Sand’s work is an overlapping of decidedly contrary visual elements: fluidity vs. structural, flat vs.3-D, and opacity vs. transparency. “They are solid, yet elegant; formalistic, yet spiritual." is how Tenenbaum describes Sand T's work.

When the viewer moves from one side to another of the artwork, they will see a sequence of moving lights in her work. Clearly, there is more to be mined from the work when seen in person.

Kim Tenenbaum has always enjoyed promoting and selling fine art by local artists. "I feel a special bond between me and the artist knowing we are there to support each other. I find original art uplifting and I get a charge of positive energy when I look at it. It inspires me to create things." Tenenbaum wants to expose the art to her customers and hopes they experience that same energy.

Tenenbaum's store, Urban Elements Home and Gift Boutique, is full of popular name brands in home accessories, candles, soaps, beautiful vegan (animal-free, eco-friendly) handbags and wallets, local handmade belts and bracelets, as well as artisan-inspired jewelry imported direct from Milan - and yes, it's all very affordable!

"If you've yet to visit Urban Elements, or just haven't been lately, you should expect many new and interesting items for 2010." Tenenbaum says.

Sand T’s artwork is on display at Urban Elements Home and Gift Boutique located at 230 Essex Street in Salem, MA through February 20. For more information and store hours, please contact Kim Tenenbaum, Owner at 978.666.4408, or visit website

To learn more about Sand T's work please visit


Date: Sunday, January 10
Time: 1:00 to 3:30 pm
Meeting Place: Driveway to Neville Place, 650 Concord Avenue, Cambridge

We will introduce you to 16 extraordinary specimen* trees that have shapes, bark and branching patterns that you can easily remember. Activities will sharpen your observation skills and identify just what it is about a particular tree that stands out for you. Indoors we’ll warm up and review what we have learned. Wear warm footgear for walking off-path and expect to be out for at least 90 minutes.
All levels of experience welcome!

*Trees that illustrate the outstanding characteristics of their species

Events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Please register in advance for each event that you plan to attend. Important information on parking will be given to you when you register. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at:

For more information and to join the Friends group:

MAKING THE ART SEEN | artSPACE@16 Online Gallery - January 6, 2010

Featured Interview: Joetta Maue, Fiber artist (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Excerpts from the interview:

"I use all found linens to work on as I find the connection to the past, female voice, and domestic space very important. My work very much comes from a feminist tradition and voice, therefore I like being able to collaborate with creators and needle workers of the past and give them and their work a new voice...."

"My work is currently on view as part of a solo show, Waking with you, at Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery in Lawrence, MA through February 19, 2010. This exhibition features my work dealing with the place and subject of the bed. The work displayed is mostly from my image based embroideries but also includes a full wall of text and photographs from my online project waking with you... "

Read on >

* * * Joetta's art reception has been scheduled for this Friday, January 8, from 5pm to 7pm. The Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery is located on the first floor of Essex Art Center at 56 Island Street, Lawrence, MA. For more info, please visit * * **

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Calendar of Upcoming Events at the Brookline Arts Center
86 Monmouth Street, Brookline, MA 02446
MBTA stops: St. Mary’s Street and Fenway on Green Line
Also CT2 and #47 bus lines
617-566-5715 for more information
Partially Wheelchair accessible: call for details
Gallery Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Free Admission
Non-profit organization: Tax ID # 23-7000746

Dessert Before Dinner: Chocolate Tasting and Shopping
Sample delicious chocolate while you finish your holiday shopping
Sunday, December 20, 2009
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Pottery and Wheelthrowing: Art class for ages 8 to 12
Monday, January 11 - Monday, March 22, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
A fun and hands-on course in pottery skills and techniques.
Tuition: $243, Materials Fee: $40. Advance registration required: 617-566-5715.

“Color Photography...Mostly Flowers” by Deanna Christo
Macro photography by Brookline artist
January 12 – Friday, February 26, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, January 23, 2-4 p.m.

Painting with Acrylics: Art class for adults, beginners to intermediate
Friday, January 15 - Friday, March 19, 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
A fun and hands-on course in pottery skills and techniques.
Tuition: $248, Materials Fee: $35. Advance registration required: 617-566-5715.

“Spirits of Land and Sea” Sculptures by Skip Treglia
Sculptural assemblage inspired by the ocean and the shore by the Cape Cod artist
Saturday, January 23 – Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, January 23, 2-4 p.m.

“Decoupage and Faux Painting: Workshop”
Make new home décor that reflects your personality
Saturday, February 6 - Saturday, February 13, 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuition: $50, Materials Fee: $20. Advance registration required: 617-566-5715.

“Discovering Art: Mixed Media Vacation Art Class for ages 10 and up”
Learn drawing and painting techniques, leading to personal creative expression
Tuesday, February 16 - Friday February 19, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Tuition: $287, Materials Fee: $40. Advance registration required: 617-566-5715.

Photography Discussion Salon, with Deanna Christo
Discussion for all photographers and those interested in photography
Friday, February 26, 2010, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Suggested donation: $5

“Urban Edges: Community Gardens of Boston”
Paintings in acrylic by Brookline Arts Center faculty Peg Kane
Monday, March 8 – April 2, 2010
Opening reception: Sunday, March 7, 2-5 p.m.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


It's a brand new year! And there's already lots of news in Cyber-land.

Big News: Axiom and Boston Cyberarts are Merging!
New Year's Resolution: Join ATNE!
SHIFTboston: A New Decade!
SIGGRAPH Call for Entries
There's Still Time for AstroDime


Big News: Axiom and Boston Cyberarts are Merging!


We're delighted to announce that Boston Cyberartsand the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Mediaare planning to merge! The two nonprofit organizations, both of which serve artists and others who are involved in the creation and exhibition of multimedia and digital art, will combine their operations into a single entity. Boston Cyberarts, founded in 1997, has been the driving force behind the biennial Boston Cyberarts Festivals, which have brought national and international attention to the Boston area as a center of innovation in art and technology. The Festivals have featured artists working with new technologies in all art forms, including visual and performing arts, film, video, electronic literature, public art, and web art, and have involved dozens of museums, galleries, performing spaces, educational institutions, and public spaces throughout the Boston area. The Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media was originally founded as an artist collaborative in 2004. Axiom mounts regular exhibitions of both emerging and established artists in its gallery space located at 141 Green Street in Jamaica Plain. In addition to its highly-regarded series of exhibitions, in recent years Axiom has expanded its programming to include performances, lectures, workshops, and other events. In making the announcement, George Fifield, Founder and Director of Boston Cyberarts (pictured above), said, "We are thrilled to be joining with Axiom, and working together to build the future of new media in the region. Axiom's year-round programming provides a perfect complement to Boston Cyberarts' activities, giving us visibility as an institution and opportunities to work with artists on a regular basis, in addition to what we do as part of the biennial Festivals." He added, "We see this as a tremendous opportunity for future growth for both organizations." Heidi Kayser, Founder and Director of Axiom, echoed Fifield's comments. "The merger gives Axiom access to the resources of a larger and more established entity, and one that shares Axiom's mission and commitment to new media and digital art. We're confident that the merger will act to strengthen both our organizations." In anticipation of the merger, Heidi has been appointed Assistant Director of Boston Cyberarts, Inc. The merger was officially announced on December 12 at "Spark: A Gala Celebration," a fundraising event that took place at Massachusetts College of Art and Design's Pozen Center. The merger will become official following approval of both organizations' Boards of Directors, which is expected in January.
Pictured: George Fifield announcing merger at Spark! Photo by Jim Manning.


New Year's Resolution: Join ATNE!
It's a new year -- and you've probably resolved to get more involved in networking
with other cyber-minded individuals and organizations. Well, we're here to help you keep that resolution! Art Technology New England (ATNE)is a new initiative that connects four distinct groups in the art/techology sector:

-- Multimedia and digital artists.
-- Academic institutions that train digital artists.
-- Nonprofit organizations who support the digital arts.
-- Businesses that either generate new creative technologies

or use those technologies to create digital arts and entertainment.
ATNE provides a variety of services, including resource sharing, a forum for interaction
and networking, opportunities for learning and collaboration, workforce development and human resource assistance, and avenues for advocacy and community building. Among the specific programs will be a Job Board, Internship Placement Program, a Digital Art Lending Program, Artist Residencies at high-tech companies, and an array of professional development workshops. And social opportunities too -- like the fabulous launch party "Spark!" that took place on December 12! Individual membership is just $60 per year, or $45 for students; organization memberships are also available. To find out more about ATNE and to sign up for membership, go to [].

Start-up funding for ATNE was provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Adams
Arts Fund, a program that invests in cultural economic development projects across the state. Pictured: Julie Madden and Heidi Kayser with the winners of the creative and experimental costume contest at Spark! Photo by Jim Manning.


SHIFTboston: A New Decade!


WHAT IF this could happen in Boston? You won't want to miss the SHIFTboston Forum: 25 Ideas, 3 hours, 1 Boston. SHIFTboston Ideas Competition invited design professionals to unleash their wildest visions for Boston's public spaces - to think outside the box, to think big. The competition generated interest from almost all 50 states and over 80 countries. The top 25 entries and the grand winner will be presented at the SHIFTboston Forum, taking place on January 14 at the ICA, 100 Northern Avenue in Boston. The evening begins with a cocktail reception at 6 pm, the presentation at 7 pm, and continues with an after-party starting at 9. For more information, go to [];

to RSVP for the event, contact [].


SIGGRAPH Call for Entries


Submissions are being accepted for a forthcoming special issue of Leonardo. The issue will feature SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Papers and the SIGGRAPH 2010 Juried Art Gallery.
SIGGRAPH 2010, in collaboration with Leonardo/ISAST, honors not only artists and artwork, but also the process of making art and its place in society. They are seeking papers that illuminate and explore how people understand the changing roles of artists and art-making in an increasingly networked, multi-sensory, online world. Papers can be submitted in four categories: Applications, Monograph, Project, or Survey. Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of Leonardo, Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology. The issue also will include visual documentation of the works exhibited in the SIGGRAPH 2010 juried art gallery "TouchPoint: The Haptic Exchange Between Digits." Publication of this special issue of Leonardo will coincide with SIGGRAPH 2010. Online submission forms are available here [ e=001dlc0kiAhDhxAB9rS2sI64s4qnrRoBPbs98IYQfy8uxTFLPc66ltlq7tTmzKN0XNb7qhoR2iVlc0sJCFkWwMCPDyXsELXoDTiVfJjrRbRyM73PVfO5IwyIzjSZiXL_whQOkQdQMXCoBu3B1WSZdSgUcpkOiCMHmMe]

-- but the deadline is January 7, so you'd better hurry!


There's Still Time for AstroDime


It's not too late to submit video, film, or animation work to AstroDime Transit Authority, to be featured in the upcoming issue of INtransit, a biannual journal of art and technoscience. The coming issue is entitled "Scientific American," and looks at the history and representation of American science within and outside the United States, using the magazine Scientific American as a metaphorical framework. Works should be under 10 minutes, or be able to be excerpted (please indicate which). Work should be submitted by snail mail, on DVD, VHS, or mini-DV, to AstroDime c/o La Ciencia, 119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell, MA 01851. Work submitted will also be considered for other issues. The deadline is January 15, and you can get more information on the AstroDime website [].

AstroDime is sponsored by the 119 Gallery [].

For more info, please contact Sam Smileyat [].


Thanks to our sponsors!
Boston Cyberarts extends a special thanks to our many generous sponsors. We couldn't do the work we do without you!

1330 Boylston Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Art New England
Arts Boston
Cage & Pixelyze
Koundakjian &
LEF Foundation
Phoenix Media
Communications Group
Tech Superpowers
The MathWorks

And many other generous institutions and individuals. We would love to work with your company on upcoming Boston Cyberarts projects! Please contact George Fifield at 617.524.2109 or [] for information on becoming a sponsor.


Cyber-publicity 4 U
Do you have a cyberart event or exhibition you'd like to promote? If so, please send details and an image to [] by the 15th of the month preceding your event. We'll be happy to include it in our monthly eblast, if we have space and if we get your stuff in time.


Contact Us at []
or visit []

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Boston Cyberarts, Inc. | 9 Myrtle Street | Jamaica Plain | MA | 02130

Friday, January 01, 2010

NEW YEAR'S DAY BIRD WALK - January 1, 2010

Date: Friday, January 1, 2010
Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Meeting Place: Driveway to Neville Place, 650 Concord Avenue, Cambridge

Start the New Year right by checking out the birds at Fresh Pond! We will use a telescope to get close-up looks at waterfowl on the Pond and binoculars to identify the over-wintering songbirds in the trees and in the Lusitania Wetland Meadow. Beginners are welcome! We will lend you binoculars and show you how to use them. Hats, gloves, and warm boots are essential.

Events are FREE and open to the public. Children are welcome in the company of an adult.

Please register in advance for each event that you plan to attend. Important information on parking will be given to you when you register. E-mail Elizabeth Wylde at:

For more information and to join the Friends group:

Click HERE to view the Premium Art Deadlines List.

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