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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Experimental Art Gallery & Studio, Salem, MA introduces Paul Walcott, guest artist for August. Opening Reception-Saturday August 11, 2007, 4-6pm.

Paul Walcott ‘Digressions’

Boston based artist Paul Walcott received his BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art in 1986. Originally a painting major, Paul was encouraged to switch to sculpture because his paintings were 'too' 3 dimensional. Paul began sculpting in wood, using chair parts and other found objects, eventually transitioning into metal, utilizing welding and forming to sculpt. Occasionally having to paint the metal out of necessity, he began incorporating color back into his work, liking the way “paint and metal meld together.” More recently, he began scratching the painted surfaces, and, rekindling his love for color, decided to use the metal as his canvas; coming full circle to his painting origins.

‘Digressions‘ showcases Paul's recent explorations in paint and color on metal, and also includes glimpses of his sculptural work, which incorporate his love of found objects.

“My work as an artist has been primarily expressed in the three dimensional, sculptural realm. However, throughout my career, I have also occasionally
"digressed" from this world of three dimensions, and my eye has felt the need to flatten, and in a sense, contain on a single plane, my myriad impressions of senses and feelings. The "paintings" shown here were born in this process. Flat pieces of scrap steel from the sculpture studio floor seemed a logical material for me to paint on. The use of non-traditional materials is often part of my process, and the steel was simply what was at hand. And hand and eye come closer to one and allow my vision to take form, transcending the materials. The impetus for my "vision" can originate from anywhere...a fleeting glimpse of a feeling from the color of an old stone wall. A memory of a distant thought preserved in a reflection of light. Points of view stripped to their essence with the stroke of a brush.”

Paul Walcott’s gallery, PVM Designs, is located at 450 Harrison Ave in the South End.

Experimental Art Gallery & Studio is located in downtown Salem, in Artist Row, at 24 New Derby Street, #4, at the corner of Front St. Hours are Thursday, 10am-8pm and Friday-Sunday, 10am-6pm, and by appointment. Parking is available in Klop Alley, directly adjacent to Artist Row. The gallery is a 5-minute walk from the Salem Commuter Line.

For more information, please contact elise mankes at or call 781.439.1540

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