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Monday, July 30, 2007

HOME MOVIE DAY - August 4-18, 2007

What is Home Movie Day?

Home Movie Day celebrates amateur film by getting people to bring their films (or someone else's) on super 8, 8mm, and 16mm to be screened. We inspect the film for damage ahead of time, then project the film. Sometimes there's commentary, usually there is home film preservation discussion, sometimes there's music, always there is fun.

If you'd like to come this year, with or without films, you have 3 chances.

HMD BOSTON / CAMBRIDGE: Saturday August 11 noon-4 (film check-in at 11am) at the Harvard Film Archive , Carpenter Center room B04, 25 Quincy Street Cambridge. Harvard Square. That's the LeCorbusier building, in the basement.

for those of you on the north shore:

HMD BEVERLY: Saturday August 18 time tba at the Beverly Public Library.

for the more southernly / Rhode Island types:

HMD PROVIDENCE, RI: Saturday August 4, 1-4pm, film check-in at noon

All events are free and you get to watch films you'd never get to see all at once anywhere else.

We've been doing this for 5 years, and have shown films from the 1920s, the 21st century, and everything inbetween. Faves have included an amateur film from the 1930s about Tarzan, a perfect childhood in the 1950s, a found film of China in the 1920s, people throwing up on a boat excursion, and teenagers doing drugs in Boston in the 1970s. It's not all birthday parties and weddings, although those are nice too.

This year will be the premiere of a few of my films, including the RIP Kodachrome short and the much anticipated Pigeons at Copley film.

Hope to see you at one or more events!

Apologies to those of you who got this twice, but that's what happens when you have a million email addresses.

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