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Thursday, March 14, 2019

[somartscouncil] Introduction to Robotics Workshop at Artisan's Asylum! - [somartscouncil]

  Take our "Introduction to Robotics using raspeberry pi and arduino" workshop at artisan's asylum! This Sunday, March 17th from 11:00AM-5:30PM Sign up now!   Class Description Are you curious to learn the basics of robotics but do not know where to start. This one day class will provide the kind of basic introduction that you have been looking for. Starting with simple off-the-shelf electronics and utilizing an open-source robot platform and control software developed at Artisan’s Asylum, the basic elements of robotics; namely motion control, sensors and sensing, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) will be covered. The challenge of creating a robot that can play robot soccer and in being able to recognize the soccer ball, the soccer goals and the individual soccer players will be discussed and demonstrated. Class GoalsAt the completion of the class, the students will have learned the following:– The particular strengths of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards– Simple robot programming with Python– Remote programming of robots through a web interface– Reading sensor such as gyros, distance and proximity sensors– Motors and motion control with sensor feedback– Raspberry Pi camera image acquisition from within Python– Computer vision using OpenCV– Detecting a soccer ball using Cascade classification techniques– How to recognize computer goals and robot soccer players Materials ProvidedAll robot assemblies will be provided to the students for the duration of the class. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops if they own one. If they do not, they may use one of the available desktop machines at AA for the duration of the class. PrerequisitesA prior knowledge of Python or another high level computer language is desirable, Students who have no computer programming background are encouraged to take the “A Foundation Class in Python Programming” at AA prior to taking this class. Sign up now: Best,

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