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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

[somartscouncil] Local Call for Visual Media - 'Pareidolia: Illusions in Plain Sight' [1 Attachment] - [somartscouncil]

Inspired by works that Somerville photographer, Jim Baab, submitted to a recent call for art, Howe Creative! Studio and Gallery has asked Jim to assist with an upcoming exhibition that will showcase visual media from local artists with an eye for a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. The deadline for consideration is March 1, 2019. PDF with information and example attached. Local Call for EntriesPareidolia: Illusions in Plain SightShow dates: 3/25/19 - 4/26/19Reception: Friday, 3/29/19Artwork drop-off at the gallery: 3/22/19 & 3/23/19Have you ever recognized a simplified “face” in a manufactured object, like an electrical outlet, a parking meter, or a plastic jug? Did that hose in the grass just make you think of a snake? If so, you’re not losing your mind - you’re using your mind! Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that allows you to see familiar shapes and faces (hear sounds and voices, too) where they do not actually exist. Visual examples are the “man” in the Moon and animal shapes seen in cloud formations. Howe Creative! Studio & Gallery seeks submissions of photography, paintings, prints, and other visual media that expose (or allow the viewer to find) the faces and shapes that speak to us on a subconscious level. Whether it’s part of an old tree, an ambiguous field of colors and patterns, food on a plate, or a pile of fabric, we want to experience the joy, fear, or uncertainty that these objects bring to your perspective of our world.The deadline for consideration is March 1, 2019Please submit up to four JPEGs (up to 1200 pixels on the long edge, at 72 dpi) to Jim Baab at for consideration. Works should be 18” x 24” or smaller, including the frame, with all hardware installed, ready to hang). Artwork can be for sale. Gallery takes 40% commission. Registration Fee $20, due upon acceptance. Howe Creative! Studio & Gallery392 Main Street Medford, MA

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