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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

POUR. PUSH. LAYER. ::: a show by Jeannie Motherwell

Painter Jeannie Motherwell of Joy Street Studios will present an exhibit of new works at Rafius Fane Gallery in SoWA, September 1st - October 21st, opening reception Friday, September 1st, 6-8PM.

Motherwell  has been working with acrylic on Claybord, and the pigments both fall into and skirt above the surface: there is sheen, depth, resistance, engulfment; and the imagery itself pulls to both the cosmological and the granular. She’s amazed by creation— oceans and skies in changing weather, Hubble-type images of the universe— and captures its vast space and three-dimensional energy. The sea, sky and earth influence her palette, and black—long one of her favorite colors—contributes to the balance of warmth and steeliness in her abstract paintings, and to their evocation of solidity and transparency, motion and stillness. Motherwell inherited a love of painting from her father, Robert Motherwell, and stepmother, Helen Frankenthaler, two pillars of mid-century abstraction.

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