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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LCC info meetings and application guidelines

I should summarize more now:

1.      Similar to last year, the Somerville Arts Council LCC application process will be done on-line via the Mass Cultural Council’s online portal.   That portal will NOT be available until Sept. 1 and found here:
2.      The SAC will again issue our guidelines outlining our priorities, process, and categories related to the MCC online portal.   They will be found here on/around Sept 1 as well:
3.      And yes, we will be offering additional grant workshops on
Weds., Sept 13, 2017:  3:30 - 5 pm,
Thurs., Sept 28,  2017:  6 - 7:30 pm,
Mon., Oct 2, 2017:  6 - 7:30 pm
                              Full info, locations, here:

4.      The deadline for 2018 LCC grant application is:  Oct. 16

For more info on the LCC grant program, guidelines, meetings, process go to: 

Although the application is not yet available this should not deter you from thinking---“let me start know thinking about a grant proposal.”   Start by identifying a few simple things:

·        What do I want to do
·        With whom will I do it with; who are my collaborators or why am I capable of doing it alone
·        How will it provide a benefit to the community
·        How much money will it take to accomplish my goals

In reality if you can answer these questions, you are well on your way to drafting a proposal when the guidelines do appear.

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