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Friday, May 05, 2017

Stan Strickland & Josh Rosen (Fri. eve)/ Sonic Liberation Players (Sat. eve) : this weekend @ Third Life Studio!

Stan Strickland and Josh Rosen
       Friday May 5, 8pm
       General Admission: $15 in advance, $20 at the door (cash only)
       Student price : $10 in advance, $15 at the door 

Stan Strickland ~ woodwinds, voice, percussion
Josh Rosen ~ piano, compositions
Bruno Raberg ~ bass
Dave Fox ~ drums

"Finishing each other's thoughts and phrases as these tunes wend their way from churchy soul-jazz to more abstract precincts, Rosen and Strickland are more than just in sync -- they often sound like a single musician playing two instruments." --Kevin R. Convey, Boston Herald

"With the soul of an improv jam session, these two are one of the tastiest, new treats to come along in a while."   
-- Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Sonic Liberation Players

   Maximal Effect 2.0

       Saturday May 6, 8pm
       Tickets: $12 in advance or at the door

     Alvin Lucier- Broken Line (2006)
Tom Johnson–Narayana’s Cows (1989)
Julius Eastman–Stay on It (1973)
Nicholas Chase–Sutram (2016, new version 2017)
Pauline Oliveros–Wind Horse (1989)

"The Sonic Liberation Players explore new ways of encountering sound.To offer this experience to a broad range of listeners, we play uncommonly heard works and commission new works that investigate the area between “academic/intellectual” and “pop influenced” classical. The core members of the SLP met and performed together at California Institute of the Arts in the early 2Ks. A decade later, having migrated independently to the East Coast (Boston and New York), they reconnected and began this new musical journey together, launching as SLP in 2016. The CalArts “sound” is varied, yet finds roots in the music of John Cage and Morton Feldman. Likewise, the Sonic Liberation Players approach a prismatic variety of composers and music in search of new languages and adventurous musical possibilities."


THIRD LIFE STUDIO, 33 Union Square, Somerville, MA
(Almost at the heart of Union Square, on the segment of 
Somerville Ave. coming into Union Square from Porter Square--
next to Union Square Tailoring, three doors away from 
Grooves, across Somerville Ave. from the new East Boston Savings Bank 
at the head of Bow Street, and across the intersection from 
Citizens Bank--and next to the new Workbar location).

For detailed directions and parking information:!directions/cbkx

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