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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Maker Mondays, two hours of free making on 5/15!

Join The Hearth Community from 7:00-9:00 in the social space at Artisan’s Asylum for Maker Mondays. Bring your latest project, the old project you’ve been ignoring for the past several months, or a brand new idea

Not sure what to bring? Check out what people have done so far: 

- Updated blog posts 
- Wrote in journals 
- Drew chairs 
- Created balloon sculptures 
- Knitted 
- Completed coding project
- Took photographs 
- Worked on bicycle wheels 
- Drew coloring book pages 
- Worked on resumes and applied to residencies 
- Planned future travel trip
- Tinkered with an electrical panel 
- Painted briefcases 

The list just keeps going! Whatever you need to get done, bring it to Maker Mondays and get working. 
#makersgottamake #whatimake 

At Miranda's Hearth, we believe that when we make things together we are creating the common shared experiences that provide the foundation for real relationships. 

So come and create with us! If you feel like you can't come because you're not an artist, remember the Hearth Motto: Don't Make Art, Just Make Something.

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Click HERE to view the Premium Art Deadlines List.

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