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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Cinema Somerville Outdoor Film Festival!

The Somerville Arts Council and Somerville Media Center present an ArtsUnion and Cinema Somerville Film Fest 
​this weekend during
 the Somerville Open Studios weekend on Saturday, May 6th from 7:30-9:30pm held in Union Square plaza or indoors at SCATV (in case of inclement weather). 
Did we mention that Carolicious will be selling delicious Venezuelan arepas for people to buy??

​About the Festival:

To celebrate the City of Somerville’s 175th Birthday, this year’s theme is “Somerville old and new.” The short films will be about Somerville or shot in Somerville (showcasing some wonderful neighborhood scenery!). 

Films range from fiction, satirical news and cartoons to documentary films celebrating Somerville music, food, politics, history and more! The selection committee plans to screen several short films mixing new submitted footage with vintage clips. The screening will total around 90 minutes. 

The Cinema Somerville Film Festival Lineup
lease spread the word...

1. From Fire Station to Cable Station (1984) - SCATV Archives
2. Bathtub Mary’s - Cathy Piantigini
3. Real Talk Music Video - SCATV Youth Media
4. The Staircase (abridged) - Dead Air Live / SCATV Archives (1982)
5. SCOUTV - House Museums with Martha Friend
6. What’s Cookin’: The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery - Zoe Gregoric
7. Somerville Dance Party - SCATV Archives (1991)
8. Mister Basement/Horror Short Film - Neil Cicierega, Kevin James and Ryan Murphy
9. SCATV Youth Documentary: Ebi Sushi - Karla Cortez & Karen Miranda
10. Somerville, MA: Hipster City? - SCATV / Somerville Arts Council
11. Ring of Fire - Butoh CHeerLEADERs
12. As I lay me down - Pampi
13. My Old Friend - Peter Levine
14. SCATV Youth News - Bike Safety
15. Paper John - Heather Balchunas and Stephanie Plant
16. D is for Davis - A. C. Kemp
17. SCOUTV - House Museums with Hilary Scott
18. Honk: Festival of Activist Street Bands - Patrick Johnson
19. Somerville’s 150th Birthday Bash (1992) - Archives
20. Somerville High School Seniors Post-Election Mannequin Challenge (Beatles' Version) - SHS Broadcast Club; SHS TV/Media

Any further questions, please contact Erica Jones at

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