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Thursday, January 26, 2017

ArtBeat call to community

Each year the Arts Council produces ArtBeat—one of our signature festivals—on the third weekend in July in Davis Square.    And each year we develop a theme to change up this performing and visual art event.   This year’s theme—appropriate for our current times is:  Voice.

"Voice," a celebration of all things that have to do with being vocal —both literally and figuratively. How does a community find a collective voice and be heard? How does an individual find a voice to speak up and share thoughts, desires and frustration?  From sotto voce to a loud roar, voices can take on all volumes, tones and timbres. What's your voice — and how does it harmonize or perhaps clash with other voices? Thinking in a more expansive way, voice doesn't have to be vocal or audible — it is more about advocacy. Someone doesn't always have to speak out loud to be heard; voice can embody all types of expression. We look forward to your creative interpretations of this theme — whether it's a proposed puppet show about a girl who loses her voice, dance choreography that addresses the voices we hear in our heads, or a sound installation about how giving voice can affect change.  Surprise us! Get Vocal! 

If you are a musician, dancer, public artist, performing artist, craft or community vendor, please consider applying to be a part of the festival.  

All calls and applications can be downloaded here:

For examples of previous themes and the range of work presented at the festival go here:

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