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Monday, November 28, 2016

Mandorla Music presents the Çeşni Trio at Third Life Studio this Friday, 12/2

  I'm very excited to present the Çeşni Trio, three contemporary improvisers exploring Turkish musical tradition, Friday December 2nd at 8pm at Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square. I'm reaching beyond jazz for this final concert of 2016; jazz fans may know these players from other settings, and will enjoy their contemplative, playful, beautiful and surprising music. Watch & listen to this introduction to Çeşni Trio.Çeşni Trio is Tev Stevig (Klezwoods, Ivo & the Wave Wranglers) on tanbur, fretless guitar, oud & saz, Michael Harrist (Ameranouche, Joe & Yuka Hunt Trio) on bass, yayli tanbur & ney and Fabio Pirozzolo (Grand Fatilla, Newpoli) on percussion including darbuka, bendir, cajon, tombak & dhol. Stevig and Harrist first met in Istanbul in 2010. Back home in Boston, they found themselves playing and studying Ottoman art music together in Orkestra Marhaba. After performing as a duo for a while, they found a deep kinship with Pirozzolo and Çeşni Trio was born. The group is grounded in the flavors (çeşniler) of Turkish makam music while remaining deeply personal and contemporary. Their repertoire draws from the Turkish art music tradition which developed in the urban areas of the Ottoman Empire and has a history of over 500 years, as well the more modern stylings of contemporary musician-composers such as Erkan Oğur, Ross Daly, Murat Aydemir, and Efrén López. They also play original compositions. Get tix, $15, here.   Join the Facebook event page here.  Help spread the word!

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