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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

For your artists' bulletin board


Rent: $950 per month, Electricity, heat, trash disposal, and public WiFi are included.

Space: 768 square feet (32 x 24 feet); 12' ceiling, operable windows, 1/2 flight up from street level.

Parking: There is no parking provided at the building; there is limited free 2-hour on-street parking on Webster Ave and metered parking elsewhere in the square - there is ample additional parking for anyone with a Somerville residential sticker.

Community: The tenants of the building are all trades people engaging in their crafts or renting storage or other ancillary uses of their business. 
Tenants must fit this profile in order to preserve the legal non-conforming light industrial use of the building. The current tenants include woodworkers, boat-builders, building contractors, upholsterers, electricians, and a bookbinder.

Environment: The building is often noisy with woodworking machines. Dust and woodworking adhesives and finishes are filtered and vented, but are still in the air. There is no smoking allowed in the rental spaces.

Retail Use: We do not rent to retail businesses (i.e.- one where the public comes daily to receive services or buy products) The building is locked at all times: deliveries and clients must be buzzed in.

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