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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Duck Village Stage at AERONAUT, Wednesday, October 26

This week on the Duck Village Stage:

7pm - Grown Up StoryTime: Do you have the GUST?
8pm - Union Square Playlist presents Ry Cavanaugh
+ Food (Venezuelan Arepas) by Las Carolinas

​​The Duck Village Stage is a pop up recording and broadcast venue for performing arts in the Aeronaut Brewing Company's taproom at 14 Tyler Street, Somerville. Duck Village Stage pays homage to the prohibition era Somerville speakeasies in the Duck Village neighborhood which is a stone's throw away on the other side of the railroad tracks. We're highlighting new and innovative new community events and pioneering performances in music, dance and theater, and broadcasting, recording and archiving the performances each and every Wednesday night. Don't stay home! Duck in for a fun time!

7pm - Grown Up StoryTime: Do you have the GUST?

​Join us for Boston's 6th Grown-Up StoryTime!
Advice: Arrive early. We are bound to fill up.
Free, but we ask for a $5 donation to pay the artists: #SupportLocalArtists

We take short short (fact, fiction, and everything in between) stories written by the community, hand them to local performers, and hilarity and/or poignant storytelling ensues. Come enjoy a beer and listen to some great stories!

Check out the video from our first StoryTime thanks to the amazing peeps at Somerville Community Access Television. We love them, you should too!

The writers for Wednesday are:
Merrilyn Jones Taylor, Chris Junno, Rachel Klein, Alissa Cordeiro, Angelica Recierdo, Colleen Moore, and Evan Moulson. Check out their tales of Burritos + Lettuce + "Bunts" + Sandwiches + Trump...y'all must have been really hungry while writing.

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