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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Classes in October!

Hi Everyone,

Here is the list of the classes we are offering in October:

Press-less Prints Series: In this series, you will learn how to make monotype and relief prints without using a printing press. First, students will experiment with three different types of monotypes. Then, students will go on to handprint relief prints and will have the chance to explore both linocut and woodcut prints. At the end of the course, students will learn methods of bookbinding and compile their prints from throughout the course into artists’ books or use their prints to make covers and endpapers for sketchbooks. Suminagashi Monotype

Suminagashi Monotype: During this class, you will learn a traditional Japanese form of monotype printmaking. By floating ink in water, you can create interesting, spontaneous patterns. First, you will learn the traditional patterns used in Suminagashi printmaking. Then, you will be able to experiment with more modern patterns. Throughout the process, you will get an introduction to color theory as you experiment with which colors work well together. The people who choose to be in the artist book workshop can also think about making covers for your books.

Woodcuts: During the first of two woodcut classes, you will plan and carve your own wood blocks. You will look at woodcut prints by other artists to see what is possible with this type of relief printing before you begin carving your own blocks. You will also learn how to use different woodcutting tools and how to sharpen your tools. If you are not able to attend the second of the two woodcut classes, you will get an overview of how to print your blocks on your own at home. During the second woodcut class, you will print the woodblocks you carved during the first class. You will learn how to ink your blocks, how to register your paper, and how to handprint your images. You will also have the opportunity to explore hand coloring your prints. If you did not come to the first of the woodcutting classes, you will have time to carve your woodblocks.

Linocuts: You will look at linocut prints by other artists for inspiration before beginning your own linocuts. You will plan out reduction prints, allowing you to make multicolored images, and will then carve your linocuts. You will print each color as they go to make layered images. If you are not able to attend the second of the two linocut workshops, you will still receive instructions for how to finish your prints at home. You will continue to carve and print your linocut prints that you began in the previous workshop. If you are not able to attend the first linocut workshop, you will begin carving and printing your images. All students will learn about how to register their paper to layer their colors perfectly.

Artist's Books With Prints: In this class, you will be introduced to different bookbinding techniques. You will get to bind the prints you've made throughout the week into your own artist books. Students who were not in class earlier in the week can use the bookbinding techniques to make their own sketchbooks to fill in later.

Bites and Bruises - A Halloween Special
Come learn essential skills to create your owl special effects makeup! In the spirit of Halloween, we will be creating a zombie look involving bruises, scars, and rotting skin effects that can be used in many different Halloween looks.

This is Not Your Grandmother's Lye Soap
This will be a two-hour class covering cold process soap making. There will be a short history explanation of soap making, a discussion on what ingredients to include in a soap bar (including essential oils), a thorough explanation of the process (including safely working with the materials) and then a demonstration of actually making soap. Each participant will walk away with a bar of hand-made soap by Little Beehive Farm Products.

Thank you,
Education Programs Assistant
The Center for Arts at the Armory

191 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02143

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