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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

large picture frames donated by St. Anthony's

I am writing on behalf of Father Ademir Guerini, the pastor of St. Anthony Parish, Somerville. In the course of clearing out the former convent (3rd floor of the school), we came across a number of large religious paintings ( very poor quality art!), however the frames are quite classic as they are "old" school religious art. There are perhaps 15 frames - most large 36 x24 approx. - some larger.

We are wondering if you might know any artist who might want these frames first in an effort to recycle and second to clear them out of the convent. We would ask a donation (if possible of $15.00 or whatever might be possible) or simply come and get them. It will save them from a land fill and perhaps help a budding artist!

If you know of anyone who might have use for them, please ask them to contact me at

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