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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Call for Fixers! Fixer Saturdays all summer at the Somerville Tool Library

This summer at the Somerville Tool Library/Parts and Crafts, I'll be running a series called Fixer Saturdays. From 1-3pm each Saturday, we'll invite the public in to work on/tinker with/fix/learn to fix/upcycle a specific kind of item. I am seeking folks with special interests or skills in specific repair areas to advise, volunteer, help, hang out, etc.

July 11: U Mad, Bra? - Bra repair! It's hard to think of an item that can suffer catastrophic failure so soon after purchase. I've recently learned techniques for fixing underwires and I will acquire some basic supplies and tools to repair most typical bra issues.

July 18th: Anachronistic Audio Repair Project #2 - the first AARP was in February and even though the weather was horrible, some great folks showed up. I am looking for people who are interested in repairing non-digital audio equipment like CD players, tape decks, boom boxes & transistor radios.

July 25th: Open Laptop Surgery - this is going to be an event about walking people through basic laptop repairs like replacing a keyboard or screen and helping folks get comfortable with opening up their laptops and seeing what's inside. I'm especially interested in anyone who has experience with Macs - I have the tools to open Apple devices, but it's not something I've done a lot.

Please email me at if you are interested in helping out. Also, I haven't finalized the schedule for August and if there is something you really like to repair and would like to collaborate on an event like this, let me know!

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