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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This Saturday DANCE MUSEUM!

Dance Museum
Saturday, May 30, 5pm-7pm
Rain date: Sunday, May 31
Union Square Somerville

Usually, to witness modern dance, you must be seated inside of a darkened theater and wait for the dancers to come out from behind a heavy curtain. In the Dance Museum, the dancers will finally be out in the open!

The performers will make Union Square their stage, both bringing their moving and intriguing pieces into the daylight, and creating new work specifically for the square. Over the course of the afternoon, you can watch both choreographed and improvised pieces performed by local dance artists. Some might even let you join in.

Calamity Co Dance focuses on both choreography and show production. When they choreograph and perform, their pieces often involve their fair share of silly faces and are built with live music, dialogue, and improvisation. The shows are dance-heavy, but always include other art forms, especially live music, comedy, and theater. Calamity aims to create an atmosphere that encourages people to enjoy art however they prefer to do so, rather than worrying about 'getting' it. The directors, Amy Mastrangelo and Meghan Riling, believe that everybody has something important to share artistically, and that art can be everywhere.

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