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Monday, March 16, 2015


Brickbottom Gallery

1 Fitchburg Street, Somerville, MA 02143

Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 pm


March 12 – April 11, 2015

“Motion, Memory” presents the work of three artists whose work combines photography with painting or printmaking: Gary Duehr, Jennifer Liston Munson and David Palmquist.
Although photography’s origin is that of freezing motion (and time) as a way of preserving memory, each of these artists explores how photography, when altered or extended, can allow motion to partially wipe away the memory of a place or event. Their artwork owes a debt to Einstein’s notion that time only occurs when change happens; if nothing changes, time does not pass. These three artists try to catch the moment of transition between stillness and action.

Gary Duehr

Taken from the Chicago El (elevated train), these images from “Erasures” capture glimpses of the urban landscape streaming past: a patch of roof, some shrubbery, the smear of a high rise.The train’s speed can be thought of as erasing the scenery, smudging its tones, blending together the land and sky."Erasures" is less about what’s out there than what flies past the corner of the eye.
The prints are pigment ink on Dura-Lar, 25” x 40”, 2014.

Jennifer Liston Munson

My images start with travel. Fleeting moments among Buddhist nuns in Myanmar, architecture in Havana, and electric lines in Mexico are marked by what the camera has recorded and what I can recall. The blurred periphery rises to the surface and paint helps to define them—both marking time and magnifying the gap between seeing and knowing.

David Palmquist

These "Motion Blur" paintings originate from photographs either taken while in transit or from Google™ Street Views. In both, the images are discovered more so than designed. In addition to evidencing motion, the blur and varying degrees of fidelity also contribute to a sense of nostalgia. The intent is to reflect our constant motion, both in place and time, and our fleeting relationship to the present. The paintings are oil on canvas or panel.

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