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Monday, February 02, 2015

SOMERVILLE ARMORY SexyFunTime - February 7, 2015

SexyFunTime is Boston's funniest, sexiest date – or the best way to find a new date, just in time for Valentine's Day.

SexyFunTime, is coming to Arts at the Armory in Somerville on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 7pm. Guests at this one-of-a-kind event will have a night to laugh about for years. They’ll dance, play games, eat candy, popcorn, cake & ice cream, listen to and tell stories, meet new people – even get tips to make dating, relationships, and sex more “happily,” while interacting with a troupe of Glamorous OmniAmorous Cheerleaders.

SexyFunTime guests can participate in experiences that allow them to grow closer and more emotionally intimate with their date, or, they’ll be offered ways to find a new date – all facilitated by a cast of friendly hosts in the guise of cheerleaders. These peppy hosts will facilitate conversations that help folks meet new people and maybe even win a grand prize on stage playing “It’s SexyFunTime, the dating game-show.”

If hopping on bouncy balls or playing twister with ten other people is not your idea of a good time, there’s also dancing under the disco balls or watching the world premiere of a new comedy variety show about dating, relationships, and sex – the most popular secret to happily.

Participating in SexyFunTime allows anyone to feel like a kid again, and maybe even meet someone new and special! Tickets now on sale at

About the artist:
Be grew up in the heartland of America observing literal birds and bees, plus occasional frogs and cows, for countless hours. She later turned her laser-beam focus to absorb visual arts, and study human behavior. After initial work in communications and human relations at Drake University, she majored in multi-disciplinary fine arts at U-Mass, Dartmouth. She’s been developing the satirical, multi-media, volunteer-driven conceptual art project AFHI for more than 14 years.

About the American Family Happily Institute (AFHI):
AFHI promotes values of acceptance, equality, cooperation, and empathy in a time of cultural change. AFHI redefines family as “whoever the hell you want it to be” and family values as “family happily.” AFHI is conceptual art as movement, and movement as conceptual art.

For additional information about SexyFunTime or American Family Happily Institute, please visit or contact

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