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Sunday, September 07, 2014


The Somerville Arts Council is pleased to announce James Weinberg as the September Artist of the Month

Whether it is a mural under a bridge, or a book jacket, a band poster, an invitation, it is easy to recognize James Weinberg's distinct character. A designer, illustrator and artist, Weinberg unites the tenacious and bold with whimsy, pulling an audience towards the work and then enchanting that audience to stay with it.

Can you give a brief overview of what you do?
I work in silkscreen printing on paper and have a studio at Miller Street in Somerville. My work tends to be graphic and illustrative and use a lot of typography and textures.

Are there some past projects you’d like to mention in more detail?
I designed a mural commissioned for Assembly Row that is 300 feet wide below the Lombardi Bridge. Working at that scale was new for me and I like the idea of having art be part of the Somerville landscape.

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