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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Somerville Arts Council seeks Mystic Mural Environmental Education Coordinator - July 2014

Applicant will work with Arts Council director and Mystic Mural project director to coordinate and lead fieldtrips and explorations focused on the Mystic River and local environs. Applicant will provide an experiential learning environment for teen-age youth participating in the Mural project. Applicant will lead trips and/or coordinator with other local environmental leaders to lead trips. Topics to address are: flora/fauna, environmental justice, invasive species, water quality, and historical commercial and industry uses of the river.

Scope of Service:

· Provide experiential learning for 8 to 12 youth to learn about the Mystic River and its environs.
· Collaborate with Mural Artist to develop environmental theme for the summer program.
· Collaborate and coordinate with other agencies and specialists to enrich the youth muralists’ experience and knowledge through approximately seven fieldtrips.
· Develop a 10-topic questionnaire/evaluation to use as a pre/post assessment for the program.
· Produce a short report detailing trips conducted, themes explored and contact list of non-profit partners.
· Access to transportation


Approximately 55 hours for a total compensation $1100


Program starts July 7, 2014 and continues for 4 weeks.

How to apply

Please address how your experience can serve our needs.

Send a resume with short email letter to: Gregory Jenkins at

Open until filled.

Posted 5/9/14

Gregory Jenkins
Executive Director
Somerville Arts Council
617.625.6600 ext. 2985
City of Somerville
Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

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