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Monday, June 02, 2014


"How we get by" is a group exploration of how artists earn their money for living and creative expenses. While making money from creative work is the ideal, the fact is that most of us earn most of our money in other ways. The fact that we live in a very expensive city only makes things trickier.

A dozen invited artists will share information on their income sources, living costs, and how this affects their creative work. Representatives of artist coops and art organizations will also be on hand to put their two cents in. Members of the audience will be welcome to share their experiences as well, and add to the discussion on how we can all learn to get by better.

Andi Sutton
Dave Ortega
Dirk Adams
Emily Garfield
Greg Cook
Greg Jenkins
Heather Kapplow
Jason Pramas
Melinda Cross
Shea Justice
Tim Devin

This event is put together by Matt Kaliner, Jason Pramas, and Tim Devin.

Wed., June 4, 2014, 7pm
University Commons
University Hall basement (take stairs next to the Lesley University bookstore down)
Lesley University
1815 Mass. Ave.
Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

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