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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi all,

Given all of the energy and ideas that came out of the 6/5 "How we get by" discussion, we're having a follow-up meeting on 6/25 to explore whether we need a new creative worker network to address economic issues. Hope you can make it! And hope you decide to help spread the word!

A New Network for Boston Area Creative Workers?
Lesley University - Brattle Campus
Sherrill Library
Third Floor
Room 350
89 Brattle St.
Harvard Square
FB event page:

Boston area creative workers - visual artists, designers, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, filmmakers, videographers, audio specialists, architects, makers, and every conceivable hybrid of same - are cordially invited to an important meeting.

Attendees will decide if an new independent creators network is needed to take action on critical issues relating our individual and collective survival like jobs, grants, housing, healthcare, education, environment, etc. We'll also discuss practical steps to coming up with solutions to these issues.

The meeting will start by taking testimony from creators about our political economic needs. All existing local, state and national creators organizations and institutions are also invited to send representatives and will be encouraged to talk about the scope of their current activities.

At the end of the meeting, attendees will ask ourselves whether we would like to form a new network or not. This will not be a vote, but a simple "stay or go" decision. Those who agree that a new network is needed will indicate their support and commit to further meetings.

Come join us on June 25th so we can start addressing these issues!

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