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Monday, April 14, 2014


Somerville artist, and curator of "Painting Intricacies," Resa Blatman:

"Whether old-fashioned or new-fashioned, painting is alive and flourishing — feverishly, outrageously, subtly, skillfully — throughout Somerville and the world beyond.

In Painting Intricacies you'll see hyper-detailed paintings; soft yet intensely marked narrative paintings; and crisp, thoughtful, abstract paintings. All are made with great meticulousness and a deep affection for the art of painting. Their creators work with a flat surface and a brush. They may add a few other elements or use other tools, but the majority of the work is done with a fundamental and profound passion, not unlike the paintings of centuries ago. But the work here is made today — in a very different time, in a smaller and faster and ever-changing world. The modes, styles, and concepts vary drastically from one artist's work to another, but they all come to the same conclusion: the artists love to make smart, stimulating, beautiful paintings."

The exhibit runs April 18-May4, 2014
Artists' reception: Friday, April 18th, 5:30-8pm
The Nave Gallery Annex
53 Chester Street
Somerville (grey house to the left of Red Bones)

The 30 artists include:
John Campbell
Xiaowei Chen
Dana Clancy
Nicole Duennebier
Sean Dunstan-Halliday
Claire Elliott
Maree Emberton
Emily Eveleth
Chloë Feldman Emison
Andrew Fish
Mira Gerard
John Guthrie
Anne Harris
TD Heavican
Cathy Lees
Damon Lehrer
Susan Lichtman
CJ Lori
Elizabeth Menges
Jarrett Min Davis
Bea Modisett
Caleb Neelon
David Palmquist
Susan Richards
Donna Savastio
Lynda Schlosberg
Candice Smith Corby
Jordan Stabile
Jeff Stauder
Dido Thayer

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