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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


I would like to invite you to view my photographs and my printing services at First Friday Open Studios, this Friday, April 4th, from 5-9 pm, at 450 Harrison Ave., Studio 227, Boston, MA.

This month will be your last chance to view the photography of Eric Almquist, longtime photographer and former member of the Board of Directors of the Photographic Resource Center. In addition to printing the photos for this exhibit, I have also done extensive Photoshop training with Eric, as well as scanned many of his large and medium format negatives. Those of you who came the last two months know how impressive his photography is!

Consumer Vernacular: Views from the Marketplace

This exhibit focuses on the everyday things we see in our lives as consumers--and the beauty that one can find around every marketplace. I travel a lot for my business, and I try to take a camera with me when I can. I admire things that I see every day, often in the most unlikely places--a street lined with rental bikes, a lollipop stand, a wall of tourist souvenirs, or a hat shop. In the rush of things, we often overlook the fascinating or the beautiful in daily life. So these photographs were taken not of subjects I actively sought out, but just of things that presented themselves to me as I was grabbing a cup of coffee at the airport, walking down a street, or having lunch.

I've been involved seriously in photography for almost 50 years, and I began the switch to digital about a decade ago. When it came to editing and printing, I really didn't know what I was doing, so I got a referral to Bill Morse. Two years ago I began to work with Bill to learn to use Photoshop properly and how to do things digitally that I used to do in the darkroom. Bill has been invaluable in teaching me skills that I could never have learned from books and instructional videos--using curves, masks, gradients, sharpening, and LAB color. And he has helped me to apply these as subtly as possible to make my work better. He has also drum-scanned many of my old negatives and has printed the photographs you'll see in this show. Working with Bill has been one of the best educational experiences I've ever had.

Eric Almquist:

As always this month, in addition to new prints from my personal collection, I will continue to feature newly restored and printed photographs of early 20th century China from the archive of my Grandfather, William Leete. I will also have new examples of client work, both photography and Fine-Art reproductions.

Over from Japan, 1927; Photo William Leete; Restoration and Print ©2014 William Morse

Finally, the building's 20 galleries and more than 60 artists' studios will be open. There is off street parking at 500 Harrison Avenue as well as on street parking. The MBTA Silver Line stop is East Berkeley, just one block away.

See you Friday!

Bill Morse

Wm. Morse Editions
A Fine-Art Printmaking Studio
450 Harrison Avenue, Studio 227
Boston, MA 02118 (617) 429-3298 web:

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