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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Somerville photographer Randi Freundlich announces the debut of her ongoing series Children of the World | Boston in an exhibition of thirty-two large-scale color photographs at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center at 415 Summer Street in Boston, through January 2014. A public reception will be held on March 28, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Randi Freundlich has been making portraits of children from immigrant families since 2010. Children of the World | Boston is the beginning of a story about children of immigrant families, each from a different country, who live in Boston. To date, 40 different countries (and families) are part of the series, including Guatemala, Tibet, Israel, Ethiopia and Vietnam. Freundlich's goal is to continue the project, eventually including as many as 100 countries. According to Susan Merritt, Art Consultant at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, "Children of the World | Boston is an extraordinary body of work. Randi Freundlich's exhibition of large scale photographs allows visitors an up close and personal look at children who share a collective story bestowed upon them by parents, who were not born in America. [It's] a story of hope, sacrifice and love that is revealed in the expressions of their children".

The photographs reveal a deeply moving tableau everyone can identify with, as kids are being kids at the park, the pool, the museum -- a window of hope into the future that is Boston.

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