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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Somerville Arts Council presents

Bike Salon: The Intersection of Bikes and Art
Curated by Jacy Edelman
Location: Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville
When: Wed., March 27, 7:30-9pm

What do you get when bicycles and art cross paths? Skunk, Against the Grind,
and Bikeyface will lead us on a wheeling adventure that intersects comics,
robots, road culture, documentary filmmaking, lasers, blogging, choppers and

About the Speakers

SCUL-ture and Sculpture
Skunk speaks of SCUL: bicycle chopper gang, and Skunkadelia: art made
from upcycled bike parts. Skunk has been transmogrifying trash-picked
bikes since 1996. The awe-inspiring chopper Cloudbuster will be on hand for
show and tell.

Against The Grind: Rachel Wiederhoeft and Jessica Barnthouse
Against The Grind will discuss documentary filmmaking while living on
bikes. How do you find a film subject in the middle of nowhere? How much film
production equipment can you reasonably bring on a bike tour? When do you
film and when do you just let the experiences happen? Questions like these will
be covered; along with clips from our documentary series they produced while
pedaling 3,500 miles across the United States.

Bikeyface is a hilarious, and sometimes irreverent, web comic about biking in
the city. Bekka Wright will talk about how she uses her cartoons to entertain,
educate, and raise the profile of biking for normal transportation.

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