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Thursday, February 28, 2013

SOMERVILLE ARTBEAT 2013 - July 19-20, 2013

The Somerville Arts Council announces
ArtBeat 2013
July 19 & 20, 2013

Calls to talent, craft vendors, and community vendors are now available.
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And now for the theme!

Thinking big has been done. So this year, we invite you to think small. “Micro” evokes many things: microscopes, microwaves, microgrooves, micro-beers, micro-grants (like kickstarter) and perhaps even Micronesia! Visual artists might explore infinitesimally small patterns or forms. Tech wizards might create projects exploring the power of microprocessors or a symphony of microwave ovens heating up various food items. Dancers might explore small, subtle gestures or work within a confined space. Other ideas include exploring the locavore movement, which promotes shopping and living on a local/micro scale. Ultimately, we are interested in exploring how small things might attract oversized impact and attention. We look forward to your creative interpretation of this theme!

If applicable, send in proposals using “Micro” as an overarching theme. Although bands, for example, don’t need to relate a proposed performance to the festival theme (although they certainly are welcome to try), we hope many other applicants will relate their proposals to this year’s theme.


Gregory Jenkins
Executive Director
Somerville Arts Council
617.625.6600 ext. 2985
City of Somerville
Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

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