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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


@ the SCATV Gallery in February

SCATV is excited to host Rachel Appel's work at the SCATV Gallery from January 7, 2013 through January 29, 2013. This is Rachel's first exhibit hence the title, RACHEL'S FIRST ART SHOW. Her paintings reflect Rachel's energy, enthusiasm as well as eye for detail and use of shape and color. During the ART AT SCATV interview, Rachel candidly discussed her development as an artist. Her insights about herself and her work are a source of inspiration.

The paintings featured in RACHEL'S FIRST ART SHOW allow viewers to visit the 1920's and mod period during 1960's & 70's. The artist's paintings capture the spirit and fashion of the time periods. Appel's flappers are elegantly dressed and carefully placed in well thought-out scenarios. The period details such as perfume bottles, furnishings and cars are wonderful. Appel then fast forwards the viewer into the 1960's and 1970's. The women in these paintings project a different energy. They are edgy characters that seem to be involved in some really cool drama.

Janet Cormier's ART AT SCAT interview with Rachel Appel will be aired on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM on channel 3 for Somerville residents. The interview can also be seen on-line at then click on Gallery.
Check out RACHEL'S FIRST ART SHOW at the SCATV Gallery at 90 Union St, Somerville. Gallery Hours: Monday - Thursday Noon to 10:00 PM; Friday - Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; closed on Sundays and holidays.

Somerville artists interested in appearing as a guest on ART AT SCATV and exhibiting in the SCATV Gallery should contact Janet Cormier, Program Host & Gallery Curator or Wendy Blom, SCATV Executive Director at (617) 628 8826.

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