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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TIBET/NEPAL PHOTO EXHIBITION - August 16 - September 11, 2007

Mustang: The Lost Tibetan Kingdom, will open at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center (CMAC) on August 16. It will be free and open to the public from August 16-September 11, 2007. CMAC is located at 41 Second Street in Cambridge. Visit or call (617) 577-1400 for more information.

There will be a reception on Thursday, September 6, from 6:00-8:00pm, shortly after my return from 2 months in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia where I am currently shooting.

CMAC will also host a slide lecture about Mustang after the exhibit ends, on Thursday, October 25, at 7:00pm.

The Kingdom of Mustang is a semi-secret, semi-feudal, and semi-independent region of Nepal, nestled in the Himalayas at 13,000 feet on the border with Tibet. It was closed to the outside world until the early 1990’s, and, even today, special permission is needed to enter. It is the only surviving continuous Tibetan monarchy, and because of this, and its near-total isolation for so long, it is perhaps the "purest" surviving Tibetan culture in the world. The exhibit and slide lecture feature the people, villages, farms, monasteries, and celebrations of this unique and ancient culture, and the wild, remote, and starkly beautiful Himalayan landscape that has shaped it.

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