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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Artist Town Meeting In Lynn - June 28, 2007

The Artists Foundation of Boston is co-sponsoring with LynnArts an Artist Town Meeting Thursday, June 28 from 7-9 pm. The meeting is free and open to artists working in all disciplines (Visual, Dance, Music, Literary, Theater, etc.).

Meeting Agenda

* Learn why the passing of State Senator Jack Hart's Senate Bill 2461, An Act to Further Regulate the Consignment of Fine Art, is important to all artists. Learn about this new law and why it is a national model.

* Learn about the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law, what new responsibilities individuals have, and what new health care programs and services have been created as a result of the new law. Find out more about the AF's health care work and its new website:

* Learn about key pieces of State legislation that have been filed to help artists working in all disciplines. Also learn about other pieces of State legislation and national legislation that are important for artists to be aware of.

* Learn how to become a citizen artist and why it is so important to do so at this time.

* Have the opportunity to share other concerns/questions you may have with regards to the arts in MA.

Don't' forget to bring pen and paper for taking notes and also bring your business cards as this could be a good networking opportunity.

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