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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Somerville Public Library is looking for artists and/or
craftspeople to exhibit their work in the large glass display case in
the lobby of the Central Library, 79 Highland Avenue. The dimensions
of the case are (very roughly) 6' high by 7.5' wide by 3' deep.
There are wooden shelves mounted on the back wall of the case that
can be adjusted to any height or removed entirely.

We also have a gallery/auditorium available where a larger exhibit
can be mounted on the walls.

We usually keep the exhibits up for one month, but it could be for a
shorter period of time if that suits you better. You do not have to
be a Somerville resident to exhibit at the Library. We would prefer
to keep the space available to local artists (Somerville, Cambridge,
Medford, Arlington), but if we have trouble finding enough local
people to fill the case, we'll accept others. If you're interested,
please contact Josie Wrangham at (617) 623-5000. Thanks!

- Ellen Jacobs, Public Relations Librarian, Somerville Public Library

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