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Monday, April 02, 2007

ART @ CARBERRY'S - April 28, 2007

art@ carberry's presents:


Mixed Media/Collage

curated by Basil El Halwagy

On view: April 1st– 28th. Opening Reception: April 7th, 6 to 8pm. Carberry's Café. 74 Prospect St. Cambridge MA 02143.

For many years Miss Lyn Cardinal divided her time between two bodies of work: large, non-traditional pastel paintings featuring mysterious, organic shapes resting in their own private environments and evocative collage and assemblages. Lyn finds her true story-telling voice through her collage & assemblage work. She is inspired not only by the beauty in a single found-object but by the magic created when it is combined with the grace of the written word. Beginning in 2006 Lyn reached a new point in her work and combined her pastel shapes with her collages.

Lyn's collages hint at stories and secrets begging to be told. Of her work Miss Lyn says: "I want to draw the viewer into a different world in which they become a part of the piece. By creating a sense of mystery, the viewer must interpret, and make sense of, the clues presented -- using either their own personal language or that of the collective subconscious."

Miss Lyn Cardinal is Mass College of Art Honors graduate. She has been working through her compulsion to represent her organic forms in various styles and media for years and is continually on the look out for more interesting found objects for her collages on her long walks through out the city of Boston.

Miss Lyn has appeared in several documentaries about the Boston music scene, including Controversy Films' All Kindsa Girls, Marissa Acosta's Late Risers Club.

Her Pastel Series is featured in the Franco Trombino film Sides, which is scheduled for release in 2007 and a series of her Artist Trading Cards can be seen in the book ATC Workshop by Bernie Berlin, released in December 2006 by Northlight Books.

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