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Monday, March 05, 2007

Call For GREEN Artwork - March 31, 2007

RE: Call for Artwork to Display...Publicity and Awareness included!

Hi! My name is Colleen Turner and I¹m working with this very cool and very
green condo project going in in Chelsea, Mass.

The waterfront site, Forbes Park, is a virtual island oasis and will feature
eco-friendly units that get their electricity from an onsite wind turbine;
provide residents with access to a fleet of electric cars (yes, they are
powered by the turbine, too); heavy use of passive solar heat and passive
cooling via large hopper-style windows to maximize natural light and air, as
well as rain-water capture and reuse systems, to name a few. Not to
mention, 12 of the 18-acre site will be restored to its natural environment
with the establishment of a sprawling conservation easement and the
reintroduction of wildlife habitat.

Anyway, three of the model units are almost complete and we are reaching out
to New England-based artists requesting artwork to show in the units. In
exchange, we will do a photo story on your willingness to display your work
at this exciting new development to your local newspaper(s) and we will
display your art with a placard describing the piece in the unit with info
on how to reach you and a price, should you be willing to sell it. Of
course, any sales income would go to you in its entirety and we would put
the interested party in touch with you directly to negotiate arrangements.

Given the green nature of the units, we especially seek artwork that might
use recycled items or has an eco-like, natural feel. The units themselves
are very industrial, featuring lots of concrete, exposed brick, stainless
steel and tons of light.

If you are interested, please email me ( an image of
the item you'd like to put on display, along with the name of the piece and
a short description. Plus a price (if appropriate) and how folks might
reach you, should they wish to purchase it. I will prep a contract and when
I pick up the piece, I'll grab a quick image of you with the designated
piece for publicity purposes.

We have three units to fill and seek hanging work (art, photos, fabric,
etc.), sculptures, pottery, lighting...whatever. Space is limited, so
acceptance is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Call with any questions,

Colleen Turner
Burnieika/Turner Communications

Phone: 617.429.2217
Fax: 866.849.5967

15 Otis Place, Unit 1
Newburyport, MA 01950

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