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Friday, March 16, 2007

ArtsUnion Call to Producers and a new Call to Marketplace Curators - May 7, 2007

The Somerville Arts Council was recently awarded $40,000 from the
Massachusetts Cultural Council's John and Abigail Adams Arts program to
continue a third year of ArtsUnion. The proposal receive a high panel
ranking and we are pleased to receive full support.

Thanks to the community of artists, businesses, local residents, and
organizations who have contributed over the past two years. Your efforts
have created success within Union Square. Our ability to infuse cultural
economic development in Union Square through the five strategic
components--producers events, markets, cultural tours, street architecture,
and zoning--is having a positive effect on the physical place and the people
engaged in Union Square.

Over the past several months, the zoning work that we started two years ago
has been hotly debated within planning and zoning boards, and aldermanic
land use committees. The proposed zoning has been "filed" by the committee
and the administration will reexamine some of the concerns addressed by the
public. For those of you who have been involved with this zoning work,
please remain involved, especially now. It's all good work. Next week
I'll put out a more detailed email about how aspects of the proposed zoning
will effect/benefit the artist community. If you want to see this work
happen your voice should be heard over the next few months. Again, more on
this next week.

Today, I want to announce the ArtsUnion Call to Producers, and a new call, a
Call to Marketplace Curators. Please go to our website, to download these
calls/applications. If you have questions please contact us.

Thanks again for your work and support.


Gregory Jenkins
Executive Director
Somerville Arts Council
617.625.6600 ext. 2985

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