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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Somerville Theatre Company, Alarm Clock Theatre Co presents "Bombs and Manifestos"

August 26th, 2006 2pm and 7pm Cambridge Family YMCA (Central Square, Cambridge)
TICKETS: $10 at the door

"Bombs and Manifestos" a monologue written by Somerville playwright Brian Polak, featuring Steven Johnson as "BB" and Directed by Daniel Bourque:
BB is a lonely street musician lamenting his life and relating to the life and manifesto of Ted Kascinski, The Unabomber. Is BB just rambling nonsense into his microphone, or is there more to what he has to say?

About the event:
Whistler in the Dark Theatre brings five imaginative Boston and Somerville theatre
companies together on a single stage. A rambling street musician has an incendiary agenda; a Maiden battles the Devil; a routine doctor's visit turns into anything but; a young woman swims herself to thinness; a fragmented woman struggles for wholeness; a disillusioned outcast rants about war and its aftermath, while diners seek dignity,
service and a Reuben.

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