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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

MIXED MEDIA PRINTMAKING at ABRAZOS PRESS Monday Evenings.. starting January 23

THE MIXED MEDIA PRINT: Woodcut, stencils, and pronto plates -Oh MY! 
Participants can use relief techniques of woodcut and stencils in combination with polyester lithographic plates (pronto plates) to create multi-layered prints. Pronto plates can be used to create many different types of  printable marks made by drawing with markers and ball point pens, or copying photographic imagery or text in laser copiers. Students can choose their emphasis and direction in pushing and pulling their prints in new ways. Pronto plates can be used with drawn,painted and photographic elements, as well as text. They can be multi-colored, and are a fascinating edition to printmaking, being “litho-lite” but  very flat. Woodcut on the other hand lends surface dimension and has the possibilities of blind embossing, floating shapes and the satisfying activity of carving. BEGINNERS ARE VERY WELCOME
There is always the  option of concentrating  on JUST  woodcut/ relief printmaking or pronto plates in this class.
Dates: Mostly ALTERNATE MONDAY EVENINGS(but with a large break in March ):
January 23, February 6,20,27, March 20April 3,17
Time: 6-9:30
Cost: $350.00
Class limit: 5
A $50  Deposit is preferred to save a place in a class. Please send an email of intent to: Checks can be mailed  and made out to:Annie Silverman. Mailing : Abrazos Press, 11 Miller St. Somerville, MA.02143
Questions? 617-519-8970

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